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LONG NOSE PUPPETS – a fantastic family show

LONG NOSE PUPPETS – a fantastic family show

LONG NOSE PUPPETS PRESENT: OUT OF THE HAT – a fantastic family show

I took two six year olds and a one year old along to watch the Long Nose Puppet Show: Out Of The Hat and was charmed by how sweet and innocent the whole production was. The story line is very cute, two birds Doris and Delilah wake up to find something magical and sparkly has fallen from the sky and are inspired to put on a magic show for their friends. Along the way they encounter some fantastic characters who help them to create their dream performance.

After the show I asked my son what he thought about the whole performance and he said “friendship and magic”. And to be fair, that’s a pretty good summary!

The 45 minute show is full of delightful songs, which seemed to captivate EVERY child in the room. The entire sound track is unique to the show and is available to purchase – considering how hypnotising it was, every parent should own one!

All the supporting characters were lovely. Their costumes were fun and songs really reflected their parts. I personally thought the frogs and grumpy stick insect were the best.

Considering how all the children zoned out, it was fab to see Komedia offered a fully stocked bar and snacks – a perfect treat for parents. The room is lovely and safe, only one way in and out, so a perfect blend to offer some much needed R&R after a busy day of shopping. The only downside was the heat. The room was so hot. I was really uncomfortable in my nice warm jumper, but thankfully the children didn’t seem to mind.

After the show the talented puppeteers brought out some of the puppets for all to see and touch. It left such a magical feel. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would recommend it. £32 for a family of 4 feels like great value.

The show states it’s relevant for all children, especially 2-8 year olds – but I think my 6 year old son is at the top end. My one and a half year old loved it, and I was so pleased and relaxed to feel the whole audience didn’t care about a bit of noise or movement. You can get there 30 mins before it starts and we didn’t feel rushed out. All in all, a wonderful experience. 5 stars all the way.