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Boosting your child’s resilience through the creative arts

Boosting your child’s resilience through the creative arts

Resilience is something that as parents we all want to promote in our children.  Resilience is the ability to bounce back, to face challenges and to learn from our mistakes.  How can we as parents promote resilience in our children?

Some of the key building blocks of becoming a resilient child and young person are having a sense of belonging to a group or community, fostering children’s talents, enabling them to continue to learn and endeavour and to be curious about new and unfamiliar things.   All of this can be gained from participating in creative arts classes of whatever kind.

Sadly, schools have little time for the arts amongst an overcrowded curriculum and it is left to after-school classes to provide the space for children to discover and explore these skills.

Children who begin classes in music and movement may progress on to classes in ballet. Dance can help children to learn to follow instructions, co-ordination and how to control their bodies as well as giving them the all important exercise they need whilst they are growing.


At Beacon Arts, we also offer classes in art for children and adults. By using a variety of mediums artists can explore and develop their own style and approach to expressing themselves.  We are also delighted that we offer Music for Aardvarks for children aged 6 months to 3 years which are a brilliant way to start a love of music in a fun and stimulating environment.

Outside of the school environment, creative classes are a fantastic way of meeting new friends away from the anxieties that can develop in a classroom.

So, in order to boost your child’s resilience, book them a class in the arts today and watch them flourish and grow in to wonderful young people.

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