Bracknell, Windsor and Camberley

The Gap Club, Old Windsor

The Gap Club, Old Windsor


St John’s Beaumont School
Priest Hill
Old Windsor

Date(s) - 25-July to 02-September
All Day

St John’s Beaumont School

Monday 25th July – Friday 2nd Sept 2016

‘I’m A Gapper, Get Me Out Of Here!’
(St John’s Beaumont Only)
Week 1 Mon 25th July Tues 26th July Weds 27th July Thurs 28th July Fri 29th July
Gap Cookery Mug ‘O’ Mud Bug Beds Creepy Crawly Cookies Bush Tucker Tacos Rodent Rock Cakes
Gap Creative Crafty Crocodiles Sneaky Snakes Clay Critters King & Queen Of The Jungle Crowns Beastly Bandanas
Swimming 3-5 Years 6-8 Years 9+ Years

‘Into The Galaxy’
Week 2 Mon 1st Aug Tues 2nd Aug Weds 3rd Aug Thurs 4th Aug Fri 5th Aug
Gap Cookery Galaxy Bark Bars Extra Terrestrial Toast Martian Munchies Spicy Space Spaghetti Roaring Rocket Risotto
Gap Creative Alien Invasion Planet Portholes Mysterious Moon Rocks Paper Mache Planets Sculpt A Spaceship
Swimming 6-8 Years 9+ Years 3-5 Years

‘Dr Seuss On The Loose’
Week 3 Mon 8th Aug Tues 9th Aug Weds 10th Aug Thurs 11th Aug Fri 12th Aug
Gap Cookery Trufulla Tree Treats Green Eggs And Ham Frittatas Hungry Horton Heads 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Green Fish Cakes Cat In The Hat Cookies
Gap Creative Happy Horton Hand Puppets Loopy Lorax Masks Rhyming Riddles Clay Candy Canes Thing’s Favourite Things
Swimming 9+ Years 3-5 Years 6-8 Years

‘Big World, Little World’
Week 4 Mon 15th Aug Tues 16th Aug Weds 17th Aug Thurs 18th Aug Fri 19th Aug
Gap Cookery Pre-historic Pizzas Colossal Couscous Salad Scrummy Sliders Tiny Tea Party Olympic Dinky Donuts
Gap Creative Gap Club Canvases Big Boat, Little Boat Mould A Miniature Gardens On The Go Flying The Olympic Flags
Swimming 3-5 Years 6-8 Years 9+ Years

‘Born Survivor’
Week 5 Mon 22nd Aug Tues 23rd Aug Weds 24th Aug Thurs 25th Aug Fri 26th Aug
Gap Cookery Cast Away Calzones Base Camp Cupcakes Desert Island Donuts Survival Samosas Wilderness Waffles
Gap Creative Rescue Rafts S.O.S Signals Bonza Binoculars Calming Camp Fires Shape A Shelter
Swimming 6-8 Years 9+ Years 3-5 Years

‘Mad Professor’s Laboratory’
(St John’s Beaumont Only)
Week 6 Mon 29th Aug Tues 30th Aug Weds 31st Aug Thurs 1st Sept Fri 2nd Sept
Gap Cookery CLOSED Molecule Mousse Science Lab Lollies Mad Professor’s Purple Pasta Popping Potions
Gap Creative Swirly Sun Catchers Bubbling Bath Bombs Krazy Kaleidoscopes Splat Attack
Swimming 9+ Years 3-5 Years 6-8 Years

Summer Camp 2016 – Activity Programme
Venues: St John’s Beaumont School, SL4 2JN and Wraysbury Primary School, TW19 5DJ*
Tel: 07854 078728 Email: [email protected]

Additional swimming may be available, please provide your child with a swimming kit Tuesday-Thursdays.
Gap Active Workshops will be selected daily by the children during their free play periods.
*Our Wraysbury site will be open from 1st
– 26th August dependent on bookings, confirmation by 1
st July 2016

07817 638177

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