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There is a kindness movement happening inspired by the anonymous acts of kindness by a Londoner in her local area.  She has been leaving bouquets of flowers with an encouraging note for a stranger to find.

Will you help to spread kindness inn Ascot?.   It’s easy to get involved, just check out  Ascot Kindness Project on FB and Instagram then choose to do a simple act of kindness, like leaving flowers, pay for a coffee etc. anonymously for a stranger.  It will brighten their day (and yours) and hopefully they will be inspired to pay it forward as well.

Please send a photo to Ascot Kindness Project so we can see how you have shared kindness and spread some joy!

Remember Marvel and the Beano? One North East grandad certainly does. They inspired him to create a new service helping tech-addicted families re-connect through shared reading.

John Porrett, from Newcastle, has launched a comic club for kids after finding that fun, colourful and humorous stories and activities were the perfect antidote to addictive tech for his own young grandchildren.

Remembering his own childhood love of comics like The Hotspur and The Wizard, John used fun, graphic and educational magazines to tempt his grandkids, Aaron aged eight and Layla aged six, away from their mobile phones and tablets.

His new venture is The Comic Club, aimed at seven to 11-year-olds – a subscription service which delivers high quality, hand-selected age-appropriate magazines and activity ideas direct to the door every month.

Said John: “Becoming a grandad was one of the happiest moments of my life. I wanted to do the things with them that I loved at their age. But it gets harder and harder to compete with things like games consoles and mobile phones. They’re so addictive.

“I heard the same from other parents. And as I read more about the potential effect of screens and social media on young people’s bodies, mental health and even learning, I wanted to find something that broke them away from all that, even for a short while. Tech has its place and can be educational, but it can be very solitary. Doing fun things with the people you love is much more rewarding than interacting with an algorithm”.

“My grandchildren are the same as other children; they love techy gadgets, but they’ve been read to from an early age which has certainly helped with their overall development. The eye-catching design of comics presents all sorts of ideas and activities in a bitesize easy way. I always notice that when they have a fun and engaging comic in front of them, they start to interact and ask questions. Our aim is to get children and parents enjoying reading and to stimulate them to get outdoors with suggested games. It’s a great way to promote mental and physical wellbeing, develop focus and concentration and encourage family time and exercise, something we all know is not the easiest thing to do”.

As an avid reader since a very young age, John established his own distribution business Unique Magazines in 2009, and it now delivers a choice of more than 3,500 magazines to thousands of readers in 160 countries the world over from its base in Gateshead.

Convinced of the value of magazines in helping kids learn to read, he set about researching the idea with parents and teachers. The response was a resounding yes.

“We’ve had terrific feedback from local authorities, schools and help centres,” added John. “As well as making the packages available to parents and grandparents who want to encourage children to read, we also see a specially tailored version of the Comic Club as being a tool for schools and other outlets to help those children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds who perhaps don’t normally get a chance to read a comic or book. Schools see the Comic Club as a way of tempting children to read and become inquisitive.”

It’s acknowledged that children benefit from family engagement and spending time with a parent or grandparent. Sitting together and enjoying a comic will help the child with their reading, writing and creativity. It also helps them develop good social interaction skills, he said.

Chief Executive of North East Counselling Services Marjorie Hunter said: “I have known John for many years and I am a strong advocate of the Comic Club as a way of providing a family friendly route to learning. John is providing a tool that is challenging and stimulating to young children and we continue to offer our full support to a product that offers positive benefits to children’s learning. This is especially important in a time that some children are more interested in social media and gaming. A highly recommended publication.”

Parents or grandparents can subscribe to the Comic Club via its website (

For a recurring monthly payment of £9.95, which can be cancelled at any time, they’ll get a monthly delivery of two comics from a range including the likes of Horrible Histories, Eco Kids, Brilliant Brains, Whiz Pop Bang and National Geographic Kids, all of which feature stunning photography and thought-provoking articles. The package will also include an activity sheet with every delivery, which relates to the content of the magazines in that month’s delivery, and a journal.

The website is also a mine of fun and information for subscribers, including a Kids Zone which has loads of videos and fascinating articles, and a Parent Zone with useful articles on topics such as healthy eating and keeping active. Parents will particularly find the Ask the Teacher feature a valuable resource to ask questions related to education.

Contact Keith Newman at Highlights Public Relations on 07814 397951, [email protected]




Don’t sacrifice your sleep when the clocks go forward on Sunday March 29 2020! When it comes to the weekend’s ‘lost hour’, advice from The Sleep Council is to “snooze it rather than lose it.”

Says chief advisor Lisa Artis: “Rather than lose an hour’s sleep, shave it from the day and have an extra hour in bed, if you possibly can. Although it’s only 60 minutes, it can affect our body clocks which in turn affects our sleep patterns.”

Not so easy for those with small children who don’t understand Daylight Saving Time adjustments! According to research from America*, whether the clocks go forward or back, around half of parents questioned said it affected their children. More than a quarter (29%) reported more difficulty getting children to sleep after the time change. And of those who reported bedtime challenges, 94% said it took two or more days to get youngsters back into their regular sleep pattern.

Said Lisa: “It can take people of any age, time to get back into a routine and that can impact on energy levels, general wellbeing and even productivity at work.”

So, if you’re among those unable to ‘snooze it rather than lose it’, or are wondering how to steer children through the time change, try following The Sleep Council’s top tips for taking on the clocks:

  • Move bedtime a little earlier, by just 10 minutes or so, in the days approaching the clocks going forward. It won’t seem too bad come Sunday when you lose those precious 60 minutes!
  • With a change of natural light patterns, keep the bedroom as dark as possible. Light suppresses secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. So, while it is important to expose yourself to natural light during the waking hours as much as possible, conversely, do not expose yourself to bright light when it is dark outside.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene. Create a sleep-friendly environment that enhances your chances of falling asleep, staying asleep and sleeping well. This includes a cool temperature (around 16-18 degrees) and eliminating distractions (i.e. banning mobiles, tablets etc. in the hour before bed).
  • It may sound simple, but make sure your bed is comfortable. It’s difficult to get deep, restful sleep on one that’s too soft, too hard, too small or too old. If it’s older than seven years, maybe use the weekend to look at replacing it.
  • Try not to overindulge in caffeine, food and alcohol over the clock change weekend, as these all have a negative impact on sleep. Similarly, try to make sure young children don’t over-indulge in sugary treats before bedtime as the ensuing sugar rush could keep them bouncing long into the night!
  • If you can’t sleep, don’t lie there worrying about it. Get up and do something you find relaxing such as reading a book until you feel sleepy again – then go back to bed.

LONDON, Jan, 06, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – This year Click Pharmacy has had an 80% increase in the product sale of EllaOne also nicknamed ”The promiscuity pill” this would be linked to the efficiency of it being used up to 5 days after and economic value if your BMI is over 26, you take one rather than two of other brands of morning after pill. When you have a pill that can be taken up to 5 days after unprotected sex and so readily available in stores and online without a prescription, there is no doubt sales would rise. Controversy is wrapped around it, also being seen as ‘a form of abortion pill’ according to Norman Wells, director of the charity Family Education Trust.

VMINTERACTIVE has conducted a survey on 200 teenagers looking at the knowledge of different contraception, health risks not protected by contraception (apart from condoms) and also those who believe the morning after pill is a form of abortion. These findings prove that sexual education at school is not necessarily increasing awareness. Teenagers are more likely to have unprotected sex and order morning after pill as it’s more accessible rather than condoms.

‘EllaOne it’s the most effective pill on the market with 95% potency” states Jana Abelovska, pharmacy expert from Click Pharmacy, “however not something to be used regularly as it is a high dosage and is not great for the body.”

As a Health Tech company Click Pharmacy are a source of knowledge on these kinds of issues and want to offer the best advice of all the different options of contraception to people of all ages.

  • 86% of 16-19 year olds are aware of the morning after pill.
    • Only 69% would seek the morning after pill for an abortion.
    • Only 42% teenagers would be embarrassed to buy condoms.
    • 89% teenagers are unaware of the health risks not covered by the morning after pill.

Top reasons for using contraception:

  • Since 2014 – Chlamydia has been found in 1.8 million case that’s a 19% increase.
    • Since 2014 – Gonorrhea has been found in 583,405 cases; which is 63% increase
    • 15 to 24-year-olds accounted for 62% of those with Chlamydia, 52% with gonorrhoea

Survey of 200 respondents carried out by Click Pharmacy in December 2019.

VM Interactive was born with the sole intention of helping other businesses establish and grow their online presence. After pulling together talented professionals from the digital marketing industry, we have achieved excellence in providing engineered digital strategies that will super charge your business online presence.

Apart from our proven digital excellence, what makes us different to other digital marketing agencies is our understanding of the business owners’ goals and market conditions so that you can continue with your business while we work on bringing the traffic to your website. Our aim is to partner up with business owners by working closely with them so we can learn and then find innovative ideas that separate them from their competitors, building a larger and stronger audience for their business.

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The fast pace of our 21st century lifestyles impacts every day of our lives from online shopping to social media updates to the impact of our relationships. Family law and divorce website Wiselaw has collated 33 everyday facts of our lives into a real-time data visualisation that ticks along second by second to reveal some incredible statistics on how we now live our lives.

With Blue Monday approaching and with January renowned for being ‘divorce month’, William James of Wiselaw suggests that ‘our hectic lifestyle can make it all too easy to neglect the quality moments in our lives’ with the message to ‘slow down’ and focus on our relationships with partners, family and friends.

As ‘Blue Monday’ looms…real time impact of 2020 lifestyle revealed on family life

  • How we spend our lives revealed by the second
  • Live data visualisation shows true extent of social media usage
  • Key message of prioritising time with partners, family and friends

The true impact of the digital era on family life has revealed some startling facts about how we live our lives. A stunning fast-paced data visualisation from family law and divorce advice website Wiselaw graphically illustrates many aspects of everyday life!  As the seconds tick along into minutes, hours and days it graphically delivers 33 everyday facts from how we use social media to what we eat and drink to what we spend online!

These are just some of the incredible facts from one day:

  • 95 million photos uploaded to Instagram
  • 518 million tweets are sent
  • 576,000 hours of video added to You Tube
  • $500 million spent on Amazon
  • 165 million cups of tea drunk
  • 12,000 marriages and divorces
  • 15 million Snickers eaten
  • 380,000 hours of Netflix watched

Wiselaw has launched the real-time animation during January, which is described as ‘Divorce Month’ in legal circles because of the spike in new divorce proceedings.

With Blue Monday approaching next Monday, Wiselaw is promoting the real-time graphic as a ‘wake-up call’ to take a step back from the digital lifestyle, consider  where our lives have become too overloaded, and an opportunity for everyone to consider their life and to prioritise quality moments with partners, family and friends.

William James of Wiselaw said: “As we move into 2020, family life for many of us continues at break-neck speed. But such a hectic lifestyle can make it all too easy to neglect the quality moments in our lives. Moments that feed our well-being and uphold our most important relationships with family and friends.

“The data visualisation shows, for example, that the number of real-time marriages and divorces are sadly now almost the same. With this visualisation we are reminded of just how busy our lives have become, and that 2020 could be the year we take some ‘slower’ time for the benefit ourselves and those closest to us.”

View Family Life in Real-Time here:
Family Life in Real-Time can be added to your own website. Simply copy the code snippet below and paste it into your web page:  iframe src=”

Roll up, roll up, the circus is coming to town! From 25th November until 31st December there is a very special circus at Squire’s Garden Centres in Badshot Lea, Shepperton, Stanmore and Washington. Held in the Big Top and hosted by a Ringmaster who is ‘helped’ by some very funny clowns, the circus stars Boris the amazing dancing polar bear who has to be seen to be believed!

There are two different shows for you to enjoy, a Christmas Circus up until Christmas Eve, then a Traditional Circus from 27th-31st December. Feel the magic up close, as you’ll have a ringside view of all the new jaw-dropping acts. It’s fantastic entertainment for all the family.

We watched the Christmas Circus show last week and it was fabulous!  The children loved it and it was fantastic value.  Do not miss out on this fantastic Christmas fun for all the family.  It is highly recommended!

The Christmas Circus runs from 25th November to 24th December and has brand new acts including bounce juggling on drums, trapeze and aerial artistes, cube manipulation, gym-ball acrobatics, knife throwing, bubble fantasy, mind-blowing illusions, and the incredible Mr. Slinky! Plus after the show each child will meet Santa, and if they have been very good they will receive an early Christmas present! There are shows at 10.30am, 2.30pm and 4.30pm and tickets are £12 per person.

Or if you’re looking for something to do with the children after Christmas, the Traditional Circus show runs from 27th to 31st December, and it has completely different acts including uni-cycling, plate spinning, aerial acrobatics, sword and dagger balancing, rola rola balancing, and rolling globes. Show times are at 11.30am and 3pm and tickets are just £10 per person.

Each show lasts approximately one hour and is brought to you by John Lawson Circus. Book online now at

Come and meet Santa in his magical grotto at Squire’s Garden Centres this Christmas. As well as seeing your child’s face light up with joy and excitement when they see Santa and receive a gift, you’ll also get a warm glow as you’ll be benefitting a local charity.

At Squire’s in Cobham, Hersham, Long Ditton, Reigate, Windsor and West Horsley entry to the grotto is free, and you can donate as much as you like to the local charities that Squire’s support.

Entry to Santa’s grotto at Squire’s in Crawley, Milford and Twickenham is £5, and £1 will be given directly to the local charity that they are raising money for: The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre, The Samson Centre for MS and Richmond Carers Centre.

Santa’s grotto will be open every Saturday 10.30am-4pm and every Sunday 10.30am-3.30pm from the end of November until Christmas Eve, as well as the week leading up to Christmas at some Squire’s centres. There’s no need to book, simply turn up on the day – but don’t come between 1-2pm as Santa will be feeding his reindeer!

For full opening times see





Cobham Sun 26th Nov 10am on a Christmas Float Sun 26th Nov – Sun 24th Dec

Every weekend


Donations to local charity.

1st Fetcham Scout Group
Hersham Sun 26th Nov 10am on a Routemaster Bus Sun 26th Nov – Sun 24th Dec

Every weekend


Donations to local charity.

Walton on Thames Charity
Long Ditton Sat 25th Nov 10am on a Horse and Carriage Sat 25th Nov – Sun 24th Dec

Every weekend


Donations to local charity.

Princess Alice Hospice
Reigate Sun 26th Nov 10am in an American Classic Car Sun 26th Nov – Sun 24th Dec

Every weekend


Donations to local charity.

Windsor Sun 26th Nov 10am in Lightening McQueen from the Disney film “Cars” Sun 26th Nov – Sun 24th Dec

Every weekend


Donations to local charity.

Alzheimer’s Dementia Support
West Horsley Sat 25th Nov 10am on a horse and cart Sat 25th Nov – Sun 24th Dec

Weekends + daily w/c 18 Dec


Donations to local charity.

West Horsley & Bookham Riding For The Disabled
Crawley Sun 26th Nov 11am in Squire’s Heritage Van Sun 26th Nov – Sun 24th Dec

Weekends + daily w/c 18 Dec


(£1 to local charity).

The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre
Milford Sat 18th Nov 10am on a Double Decker Bus Sat 18th Nov – Sun 24th Dec

Weekends + daily w/c 18 Dec


(£1 to local charity).

The Samson Centre for MS
Twickenham Sat 18th Nov & Sun 19th Nov 10am on a Routemaster Bus. Sat 18th Nov – Sun 24th Dec

Weekends + daily w/c 18 Dec


(£1 to local charity).

Richmond Carers Centre (RCC)

Q Productions are delighted to announce the full cast of West End performers who will be joining television favourites Nisha Anil and Sandra Martin in Maidenhead’s family pantomime ALADDIN at the Pearce Suite Theatre, Magnet Leisure Centre, from 9th – 31st December 2017.

As previously announced, Nisha Anil (CBeebies) will play Princess Jasmine and Sandra Martin (C4 Gogglebox) will play the Spirit of the Ring. Joining them will be Ashley Bates as Wishee Washee, Richard Foster King as Abanazar, Ian Hallard as Widow Twankey, Michael Larcome as Aladdin and Lejaun Sheppard as the Genie, with Jamie Hocknell, Eloise Jones and Bronia Pearce in the Ensemble.

The talented local juvenile ensemble will comprise: Jessica Davies, Belle Gardner, Alexis Gilbert, Connie Groom, Tia Groom, Ellie Meikle, Eloise Metherell, Saphyre Rich, Lois Sellman, Madeleine Sellman, Agatha Thomson, Scarlett Tunn and Tilly Wright.

 ALADDIN is directed by Ashley Oliver.

NISHA ANIL is the presenter of the popular CBeebies programme, Same Smile. Nisha’s other screen credits include Strictly Cinderella (CBBC)and Citizen Khan (BBC1). Having trained extensively in acting, puppetry and mime, Nisha has numerous stage credits, and she sings live with The Herberts and with Richmond and the Groovolution. SANDRA MARTIN is much-loved by television audiences for her charismatic appearances on Channel 4’s BAFTA-winning reality series Gogglebox. She has built up a wide following on social media and is known for her big personality and contagious laugh.

Following the exciting re-launch of The Pearce Suite Theatre at Magnet Leisure Centre, Q Productions is delighted to be bringing Maidenhead its first fully-produced professional pantomime with the much-loved family favourite, ALADDIN, which will be packed full of side-splitting comedy, stunning special effects and lavish costumes.  The 400-seat theatre will offer wonderful family entertainment that all ages can enjoy together.

ALADDIN runs from Saturday 9th – Sunday 31st December 2017 (times vary, check website). Tickets, priced at £15.50 (children/senior citizens), £16.50 (adults), £59.50 (family ticket – 2 children, 2 adults) are on sale from

Tickets for Schools and Clubs (min. 10 people), are £9 per head for the relaxed performance (£10.50 for other performances). Every 11th ticket is free, and there is a free interval ice cream for every child in the group booking.  Call the groups hotline: 01494 917519 by 10th November for these special groups rates.

There will be a ‘relaxed performance’ on Thursday 14th December at 10.30am. Relaxed performances are open to everyone, but the environment has been specifically adapted for families with children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, individuals with sensory and communication disorders, those with learning disabilities and anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

Follow all the latest news about ALADDIN, visit and follow @Maidenheadpanto on Twitter and @TheMaidenheadpanto on Facebook.