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Real Time Impact Study of 2020 Lifestyle Revealed On Family Life

Real Time Impact Study of 2020 Lifestyle Revealed On Family Life

The fast pace of our 21st century lifestyles impacts every day of our lives from online shopping to social media updates to the impact of our relationships. Family law and divorce website Wiselaw has collated 33 everyday facts of our lives into a real-time data visualisation that ticks along second by second to reveal some incredible statistics on how we now live our lives.

With Blue Monday approaching and with January renowned for being ‘divorce month’, William James of Wiselaw suggests that ‘our hectic lifestyle can make it all too easy to neglect the quality moments in our lives’ with the message to ‘slow down’ and focus on our relationships with partners, family and friends.

As ‘Blue Monday’ looms…real time impact of 2020 lifestyle revealed on family life

  • How we spend our lives revealed by the second
  • Live data visualisation shows true extent of social media usage
  • Key message of prioritising time with partners, family and friends

The true impact of the digital era on family life has revealed some startling facts about how we live our lives. A stunning fast-paced data visualisation from family law and divorce advice website Wiselaw graphically illustrates many aspects of everyday life!  As the seconds tick along into minutes, hours and days it graphically delivers 33 everyday facts from how we use social media to what we eat and drink to what we spend online!

These are just some of the incredible facts from one day:

  • 95 million photos uploaded to Instagram
  • 518 million tweets are sent
  • 576,000 hours of video added to You Tube
  • $500 million spent on Amazon
  • 165 million cups of tea drunk
  • 12,000 marriages and divorces
  • 15 million Snickers eaten
  • 380,000 hours of Netflix watched

Wiselaw has launched the real-time animation during January, which is described as ‘Divorce Month’ in legal circles because of the spike in new divorce proceedings.

With Blue Monday approaching next Monday, Wiselaw is promoting the real-time graphic as a ‘wake-up call’ to take a step back from the digital lifestyle, consider  where our lives have become too overloaded, and an opportunity for everyone to consider their life and to prioritise quality moments with partners, family and friends.

William James of Wiselaw said: “As we move into 2020, family life for many of us continues at break-neck speed. But such a hectic lifestyle can make it all too easy to neglect the quality moments in our lives. Moments that feed our well-being and uphold our most important relationships with family and friends.

“The data visualisation shows, for example, that the number of real-time marriages and divorces are sadly now almost the same. With this visualisation we are reminded of just how busy our lives have become, and that 2020 could be the year we take some ‘slower’ time for the benefit ourselves and those closest to us.”

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