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‘How Hattie Hears’ Inspires Children to Embrace and Support Deaf Communication

Author Julie Alison Mcdonald has a passion for helping children become more aware of our differences. The children's
picture books (Binkie & Friends’ Adventures) are informative, but capture the children’s
imagination with vibrant illustrations and memorable characters. Each book is written in
rhyming verse and includes fun quizzes at the end of the story to keep the children engaged.

Julie’s son has autism, and unfortunately was the victim of school bullying, which inspired Julie
to create a series of books to educate young children about their differences, with the aim of
promoting empathy and kindness in the world.

The fifth book in the series, ‘How Hattie Hears’ aims to educate young children about deafness;
how to understand it and support children with impaired hearing. The series of books is aimed at children aged
2-8 years old, entering different stages of their life, like starting school, or making friends.

‘How Hattie Hears’ is available for purchase on several platforms, including:
• Open Art Cafe Rottingdean
• Falmouth Art Gallery

Customer Reviews:

"Utterly Delightful Picture Book" by Clare, West Sussex.
“We have a talented new children’s author” by David, West Sussex
The charity awarded the book ‘Highly Recommended’.

Author bio:
Before diving into her writing career, Julie worked with neurodiverse children in schools. This in
hand with her son's autism diagnosis, inspired Julie to research the topic further. She observed
that these children were often misunderstood. So, determined to make a difference, Julie
created a series of children's picture books to educate other children, and their parents, about
our unique differences. Julie hopes her books will promote understanding and awareness,
fostering greater acceptance worldwide for a kinder, more inclusive society.

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