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Don’t Disturb the Pirate

Swashbuckling adventure from the bestselling author of  Don’t Disturb the Dragon and the Ten Minutes to Bed series.


The brilliant follow up to Don't Disturb the Dragon, from the author of the phenomenally successful Ten Minutes to Bed series, which has sold over two million copies worldwide in over 26 languages.


It’s time to set off on a new rhyming read-aloud bedtime adventure in

Don’t Disturb the Pirate. Oh no! Patch the puppy has runaway. Where could that naughty puppy be? A story full of twists and turns that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat as they set off to find Patch. Discovering clues along the way, featuring a map and an anti-pirate kit plus help from some favourite fairy-tale characters including a mermaid and fairies living in a magical tree.

Be brave, be bold… just don't disturb the pirate!


Rhiannon Findlay is a rising star in the world of children’s picture books, whose talent for rhyme and imaginative story-telling has made her books must-haves at bedtime for toddlers across the world. Coupled with Siân Roberts’ bright, humorous and loveable illustrations, Don’t Disturb the Pirate is the perfect book for reading aloud, and will captivate children with its gentle rhythm, repetition, and bold, engaging illustrations on every page.

Available at Waterstones.

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