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Pip Organic Apple Fizz re-brand with exciting new product design to appeal to tweens

Pip Organic has re-branded their Pip Organic Apple Fizz drink to appeal to tweens who are looking for a healthy yet grown up beverage. Co-Founders Patrick and Karen O’Flaherty created the product when their daughter (then aged 10) asked for fizzy drinks whilst with her friends. Spotting a need for this offer in the market, Patrick and Karen created an option for tweens that parents can trust. Made with a refreshing blend of juicy organic apples and sparkling water, Pip Organic Apple Fizz also contains no hidden nasties, no added sugar and is 1 of your 5 a day.


The central mission of the Pip Organic brand is to make it easier for parents to say yes!  Now the brand is unveiling a fresh, new look which has evolved their signature fruity character to create a drink that appeals to children aged between 9-14 years old. The design has been given the go ahead from children in the age group who resonated with its bold yet playful design during market research stages of the re-design strategy. The new can (along with the rest of the Pip Organic range) can be spotted on the Pip Organic website, Abel & Cole and Ocado.


Alongside the Pip Organic Apple Fizz, parents can find 100% organic drinks, juices, smoothies and snacks such as ice lollies and the newly released dried fruit snack – Pipsticks.

Pip Organic is certified organic by Soil Association Certification, as well as having sustainability at the heart of everything they do. Choosing organic means that no fossil fuel-derived fertilisers or artificial pesticides are used to grow the fruit and veg that goes into Pip Organic products, supporting farming practices that promote environmental preservation and have a more traceable production process. Organic farming also puts nature and wildlife first, with on average, plant, insect, and bird life being 50% more abundant on organic farms [than non-organic farms][1]. Whether it’s their farming practices or the renewable packaging choices they make, Pip Organic is proud to be a brand that is kind to the planet, so parents can trust everything they do.

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