Get, Set, and Go Wild this June and join the 30 Days Wild challenge!

Seedball to donate wildflower seed balls to 250 schools as part of 30 Days Wild, as well as 50% discount offered to anyone who signs up to the challenge.

Now in its tenth year, the 30 Days Wild challenge was launched by the Wildlife Trusts to encourage people to get outdoors and explore the wonders of the wildlife around them. Expert rewilding brand Seedball is proudly joining forces with the Wildlife Trusts to encourage the public to join in and do one thing for wildlife each day throughout June. Through this collaboration, Seedball aspires to help reconnect people with nature and raise awareness of the simple steps we can all do to help wildlife thrive – as well as boost our mental and physical wellbeing!

Throughout June, Seedball will be giving away free bags of mixed seed balls to 250 schools that sign up to take part. The donation will not only benefit forest school activities and add beauty to the grounds, but it will encourage and inspire school children to learn more about wildflowers and the wildlife that depend on them, too. Alongside this, members of the public who opt in to the challenge will be provided with an exclusive, generous discount code to redeem on the Seedball website to get their garden growing beautiful and wild!

The month-long nature challenge not only aims to rekindle our relationship with the outdoors, but its five-year evaluation showed that a majority of participants experienced positive and long-lasting mental and physical benefits from taking part, as well as a boost in pro-nature behaviour.

Dr Ana Attlee, conservation scientist and co-founder of Seedball said: “We’re super excited to be joining up with the Wildlife Trusts’ to support this worthy campaign. It’s known that spending at least 15 minutes each day among nature can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. Even small activities like listening to bird song, scattering seed balls in the garden, or simply watching the wonderful wildlife nearby can all be extremely beneficial. So those pledging to do something for nature this month will not only be helping the creatures around them, but also are boosting their own wellbeing too!

“Schools that sign up to take part in 30 Days Wild will also receive a bag of mixed seed balls to scatter on school grounds. Not only will this help boost biodiversity but also will inspire children to learn more about the wildflowers and the nature that visits them. We want to spark a passion for nature in children that can be carried throughout their lives and empower them with the knowledge of how their actions can benefit bugs, bees, birds, and all other wonderful creatures!”

30 Days Wild takes place throughout the month of June, and those participating will receive weekly themes to support all aspects of local wildlife, alongside daily activity suggestions to help give a more mindful and guided approach to nature and all its glory - as well as encouraging people to try something new!

“At Seedball, our mission has always been to help and inspire more people to grow native wildflowers to support the vital wildlife that depend on them. The 30 Days Wild challenge allows us to spread this message far and wide and reassures people that small activities and efforts can still make a huge difference.”

To find out more about the 30 Days Wild challenge or to sign up, visit the Wildlife Trusts website at:

To find out more about Seedball and to browse its array of wildflower products and seed balls visit


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