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The ultimate guide to teenage digital wellbeing & living your best life – offline and on

Written by renowned expert, Tanya Goodin – author, podcaster, public

speaker, and founder of the ‘Time to Log Off'  movement.

Digital wellbeing is all about finding the balance between the digital world and the real world – and

making sure we use smartphones and other digital devices in a healthy way, while living fulfilling

lives beyond the screen.

This must-have guide will help tweens and teens do exactly that, inspiring them to set their devices

aside and start living in the here and now. Written by trailblazing author, pioneering thinker and

campaigner on tech ethics and digital wellbeing Tanya Goodin, it’s packed with positive prompts,

inspiring quotes, and hands-on activities to encourage healthy habits around screen use – like

hands-on crafts, phone-free nature excursions, a retro tech scavenger hunt, and lots more.

It’s not about teenagers giving up their devices forever; it’s about being more mindful of how they

use them, so they can live their best lives – on and off the screen. The Teenage Guide to Digital

Wellbeing is essential reading for teens navigating the digital world, plus the adults who care for

them and want to understand how they can support, while also being more mindful of their own

digital use.

Teenagers will discover how to:Photo of the author

• Develop healthy habits, identify
priorities, and set achievable goals
• Know their own screen limits and
deal with digital distractions
• Stay safe and savvy on the internet
• Nurture friendships and family
relationships offline and on
• Build resilience and self-confidence
to live healthily and happily with
their digital devices
• Focus on the positive and productive
uses of smartphones (no more

About the author:

Tanya Goodin is an author, podcaster, and public speaker on our
complicated relationship with technology. She is passionate about
introducing the concept of digital wellbeing to children and inspiring
them to forge healthier, happier relationships with their digital
devices. She has spoken in schools to students and parents for over a
decade. Tanya is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and is currently
researching for a Masters in AI ethics at the University of Cambridge.
Tanya has three published books on our relationship with technology:
My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open, OFF: Your Digital Detox for a Better
Life and Stop Staring at Screens: A Digital Detox for the Whole Family.
You can find Tanya on Instagram @timetologoff, on Twitter
@tanyagoodin and online at &


Praise for Tanya Goodin:
"Tanya Goodin's new book is informative, alarming, and galvanising.“
The Telegraph review of 'My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open’
"A beautifully illustrated pocket guide to small tips and tricks” … “Tanya forced me to
look honestly at my habits, and now I know how to change them.“
The Pool review of 'Off’
"A powerful tool for anyone seeking to reclaim their life from digital distraction and
automated anxiety. Do-able suggestions for how one can nudge oneself back into 3D
living.” PUNKT review of ‘Off’

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