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The Fearless Birth Book

Find Your Power, Influence Your Birth

Emma Armstrong a.k.a. The Naked Doula

It’s common for women to feel nervous, powerless, or even fearful of what to expect when giving birth. Certified birth doula, hypnobirthing coach and birth influencer Emma Armstrong wants women to have a positive, fearless birth experience.

Known for her fun, fierce and empowering approach as The Naked Doula on Instagram,

Emma is on a mission to change the way we see and experience birth. Combining Emma's

trademark humour, expert advice, and empowering illustrations, The Fearless Birth Book

offers a fresh and inclusive approach to birth that will arm you with the tools to unlock your

inner power, and approach birth with confidence.

Giving you the real low-down on birth and breaking down big topics in a fun and easy to digest

way, The Fearless Birth Book takes you on a journey through chapters exploring the brain,

body, birth, baby and beyond. With Emma by your side, learn how to tune into your brain and

body, and face any fears and worries that may be holding you back.

Dive into eye-opening subjects and discover birth techniques, tips and tricks that will help you

shape your own unique journey, including; self-acceptance, reframing your brain and fears,

tuning into your body before and during birth, the brain and pain connection, harnessing your

hormones, individualised hypnobirthing and tailoring to your personal needs, brain buzzers

(techniques you can draw upon to bring calm during childbirth), crafting your unique birth plan

and vision, your birth choices and rights, advocating for yourself during birth, and much more.

Whether you’re planning to give birth at home or in hospital, The Fearless Birth Book

recognises every type of birth, acknowledging the diversity of experiences from Caesarean

births, home births and rainbow births, to second births and multiple births.

Emma’s advice extends to caring for your baby, from navigating those first few days

post-birth, building a connection with your baby, feeding (whether that’s breast, bottle or

formula feeding) and newborn hacks, to the fourth trimester, the changes your body has gone

through, finding your mother magic, and taking care of yourself long after the arrival of your

baby. Emma also shares her own personal birth stories, and the positive experiences of women

through every type of birth .

The Fearless Birth Book will help anyone expecting a baby to feel confident, informed, and

ready to embrace the transformative experience of their own unique birth journey.

2 May 2024 | £16.99 Purchase your copy here.

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