Take care of the planet and feathered friends with CJ Wildlife’s new insect fat bird food

CJ Wildlife has introduced an innovative way of feeding birds a high-fat feast, while reducing environmental impact - taking care of the planet as well as feathered friends.

This unique food contains an array of nutrients, proteins and essential amino acids using farmed black soldier fly larvae. Designed to replicate birds’ natural diets, it not only provides feathered friends with a high-protein treat, but also offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fat-based bird foods, which are typically made using beef tallow or other animal fats.

The insect fat collection consists of an array of bird feeding options, including energy rolls, fat balls and a fat block, all of which contain large quantity of calories to energise a variety of garden birds, such as robins, tits, and blackbirds.

Fat products are a beneficial supplementary food, but they are particularly important during the colder months and throughout the exhausting breeding season. The spring months often lead to increased competition for natural food sources, so birds rely more on feeders and the food found in our gardens to help replenish their energy.

What’s more, these versatile insect treats can be paired with all CJ Wildlife suet and fat ball feeders, like the popular National Trust Yara Fat Ball Feeder, made from 100% recycled drink cartons, or the Sydney Peanut Cake Feeder, which cleverly allows multiple birds to feast at once and get a beakful of nutritious insect fat. Alternatively, chop the food into small chunks and serve on a feeding table like the elegant and stylish Glendale or scatter onto a tree stump or flat surface.

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