BIBS launches Studio Collection

A fresh perspective on modern parenting
In a market where stylish baby products are often hard to come by, particularly in the world of pacifiers, BIBS is excited to introduce the STUDIO COLLECTION—a transformative new line that redefines the look and feel of parenting. The collection kicks off with six bold prints that creatively reimagine our beloved Colour Pacifiers, each offering a new perspective for the modern parenting journey. The new collection will be globally available starting March 20, both online and in select retailers.

The STUDIO COLLECTION will continually pioneer fresh designs, featuring captivating prints that embrace creativity and highlight the importance of individuality in parenting.
This commitment to pushing the conventional boundaries of the baby industry allows greater access to parenting essentials at the cutting edge of both style and functionality. Embracing this approach not only gives parents more choices, but also empowers them to share their personal style with their children from an early age.
Most importantly, this approach to innovation, creativity, and self-expression comes without compromise, ensuring that every product upholds the high standards of quality, safety, and excellence that make BIBS a beloved choice for families worldwide.

Prints that Speak, Pacifiers That Soothe
Crafted by the renowned French print designer, Glitter Power Club, The STUDIO COLLECTION’s inaugural prints blend current fashion trends with timeless appeal, offering an upgrade for parents seeking a more aesthetic choice.
“I hope that parents will see these prints as something different and new. There’s a shortage of cool-looking baby products in the market, which is unfortunate because it’s really special to share your unique aesthetic with your child. It’s another way to show how much you care.” Naïma Jakimowicz, Glitter Power Club.

Thanks to their simplicity and timeless appeal, stripes have been a fashion staple for generations. By experimenting with modern color combinations, scale, and arrangement, these renditions breathe new life into a classic print, giving pacifiers a fresh and contemporary upgrade.
“Stripes will always be an iconic print. They’re gender-neutral, clean, and easy to match with everything – that's part of their charm.” Naïma

With precision in every detail, these nostalgic florals embrace soft forms in a soothing color palette, blending joyful retro vibes with a sophisticated modern twist.

Featuring a lively palette of whimsical flowers in quirky shapes and sizes, these prints offer a playful perspective for families who aren't afraid of a groovy edit.
“There’s a lot of hype right now around 70’s florals. It’s a very distinct vibe that captures the essence of an era known for freedom, peace, and happiness.” Naïma

These exclusive designs will make their debut on the Colour pacifier, available in size 1 and 2, with a round nipple in natural rubber latex.
Each print comes in a range of dynamic color combinations, inviting even more possibilities
for personal expression.
Prices: single pack: £4.95, 2-packs: £9,95.
Prints and colors may be limited to select retailers and e-tailers.

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