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GIFT VOUCHER: Are you looking for more Sustainable Choices when it comes to having a baby?

There are 183 million outgrown baby clothes stored away doing nothing in UK homes.

SuperLooper aims to get as many as possible of these back into use.  Our multi award-winning rent and recycle service means you can donate your unused clothes to us, knowing that we'll find loving new homes for them.  If you have a baby 0-3 years, you can rent clothes from our library at a fraction of the cost, even of buying second-hand!  

You pay for your baby to wear the clothes rather than for you to own them, meaning that you don't end up with loads of hardly worn clothes that you either have to get rid of or which pile up and take precious cupboard space!  At around £1 per garment, our prices don't break the bank and shipping is included!  The average spend on baby clothes in the first year is £997 - SuperLooping starts at £240 per year, so that's a massive saving of over £700!  

We have clothes from all your fave brands plus some new names/colours/styles for you to discover and try out. No more trawling through second hand outlets, this is the easiest and best value way to find the preloved clothes that you love. SuperLooper has already curated lovely clothes for you to either choose from our online library or if you're pushed for time (of course you are!), let us do the work and choose for you.

Renting and sharing clothes and keeping them in the loop and out of the landfills is the smart way to dress your baby and give them a sustainable start to life. And if you're searching for an unusual, joyous gift for eco-minded parents please try our gift vouchers.

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photo: Superlooper's team, Jenny Barrett - Founder & Kate Mager

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