Circle of Toys. Supporting Families in Conflict Zones

In war-torn regions like Ukraine, where children face the challenges of conflict, displacement, and uncertainty, toys become more than mere playthings. They serve as sources of comfort and support. They also nurture creativity, encourage social interaction, and empower children to play independently, offering respite to parents who cannot always supervise.

Sadly, 80% of Ukrainian children have been impacted by the ongoing war. To make a meaningful impact, “Circle of Toys”, an initiative within the Find Refuge platform — an online British endeavour — strives to bridge the gap between givers worldwide and Ukrainian families in dire need. The previous enthusiastic response, marked by over 7000 managed requests and the dedicated support of 1684 volunteers, demonstrates that there are many people out there willing to extend a helping hand.

Arthur Corvin Powells, the founder of Find Refuge, remarked: "Children deeply need the warmth of love and care, the experience of growing and discovering the world through play, and the assurance that dreams can come true. If it's a dream about a toy, making it a reality is often straightforward. So if your children have outgrown a particular toy, consider passing it on. Offer that joy to another child. It's genuinely that simple!"

To become a part of the initiative, one should visit the official website and register. There, participants can select a request that aligns with the age and theme of their toy. Find Refuge places a strong emphasis on safety. Thus, each submission undergoes a thorough review to ascertain genuine intentions. Once approved, participants will receive the family's mailing address to send their toy.

The project's horizon extends well beyond Ukraine. With the assistance of an inbuilt translator, Find Refuge envisions a future where it broadens its scope, uniting people across the globe, connecting them so they can provide and receive help.

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