Kids Christmas Gifts from toucanBox

toucanBox craft kits are great for younger children, or those who have difficulty using fine motor skills. The components are all really good quality and easy to use; nothing tears easily, or is too fiddly to handle, and the instructions are well illustrated and simple to follow. With some craft activities, you end up feeling like you have made it all yourself and the child has just watched, or occasionally helped out, but with all of the toucanBox craft kits we have tried you can just let them get on with it, with absolutely minimal frustration on their part and minimal adult input, and they end up being really pleased with the result. The kit concepts are engaging, the assembly process is straightforward, but creative and fun, and the finished products are really effective and something the child can be proud of having made.

Elizabeth Wickenden

Director - Grapevine Media Group Ltd



toucanBox is an established children's craft subscription, delivering age-curated craft boxes full of educational fun for 3-8 year olds. Crafts include costume making, cookery, puppetry, flower pressing and more. Each activity is developed by experts to refine kids' developmental skills and teach exciting themes through play. Every box is delivered through the letterbox and is personalised with your child's name.


Christmas Stocking
Make and design a Christmas stocking. Decorate with felt pieces, pom poms, glitter glue and a letter to personalise with your child's initial. Then all that’s left is for Santa to fill it!
Age range: 3 to 8


Holly & Jolly The Gingerbread Buddies
Craft two gingerbread friends and dress them up using glitter glue, icing stickers and other accessories. Hang them on your Christmas tree for a super sweet Christmas decoration!
Age range: 3 to 8

Gingerbread House
Build a cosy home with candy cane windows and light-up feature. Pull the mechanism and out pops the gingerbread person!
Age range: 6-8

Iceberg Bobbing Walrus
Paint a googly-eyed walrus with dappled watercolours, then engineer a moving mechanism that bobs them along an iceberg!
Age range: 6-8


Subscribers get two limited-edition Christmas crafts. Subscription price from £11.90 per month (includes free shipping). Subscribers will receive their limited-edition Christmas crafts from 20th November. Subscribe at OR buy 1 craft for £12.95 + shipping, available at the toucanBox shop from


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