The secret to a healthier you and a healthier planet in 2024

Discover Clean Living’s bacteria-busting, sustainable sports solutions

January is the perfect time to set resolutions and intentions for the year ahead, and many of those start with pledging to get healthier. Staying active is an important part of daily life, whether it’s hitting the gym to get in shape for summer, rolling out the yoga mat to boost mental wellbeing or dusting off the bicycle to reduce the risk of disease. But keeping bad body odours or unsightly stains on activewear at bay can be a challenge, and many traditional sports products are packed with harmful chemicals like ammonia, chlorine and phosphate that can irritate skin and throw you off course.

Fortunately, Clean Living International has introduced two eco-friendly sports bag essentials that will banish bad bacteria and odours without the toxic ingredients, so that you can strive to get healthy in 2024 while helping keep the planet healthy, too.



Its non-toxic Biological Sports Equipment Cleaner and Biological Sports Equipment Odour Eliminator are supercharged with live, healthy bacteria to literally eat away at dirt, grime and odours, ensuring everything from yoga mats and machinery to trainers and treadmills are left free from germs, and looking and smelling brand new.


An essential in every gym bunny’s bag, the Biological Sports Equipment Cleaner is ideal for use on all types of fitness apparatus and materials, cutting through bacteria and perspiration to leave equipment squeaky clean and hygienic. Simply spray onto the surface, leave for a minute or two to work its magic, wipe clean, and get stuck into your workout safe in the knowledge that your equipment is free from bad bacteria.



After an intense workout, the last thing you want to have to worry about is embarrassing odours. Activewear, trainers and accessories can be spritzed with the Biological Sports Equipment Odour Eliminator to eradicate unpleasant smells for good. Its unique odour encapsulation technology binds and traps odours on contact and attacks bacteria at the source, leaving behind a beautiful fragrance without having to resort to masking agents.


Not only do these clever sustainable solutions eat away at perspiration, dirt and grime to deeply clean surfaces and materials without the use of harmful chemicals, they also build up a barrier of good bacteria with every use to prevent bad bacteria from coming back.

Refill sachets can be delivered directly through the letterbox for as little as £1.99, making getting fit and staying fresh easy and affordable, and not to mention, kind to the planet and our health.

Get started by ordering a starter pack, complete with an infinitely refillable aluminium bottle and microfibre cleaning cloth, and browse Clean Living International’s full award-winning, eco-friendly cleaning range at


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