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The Case of the Great Energy Robbery

The SuperQuesters series is a great introduction to a broad range of STEM-based problem solving for younger children and a gentle reintroduction to concepts learnt long ago in school, and long since forgotten, for adults. The adventure stories and jolly illustrations could work well on their own, without the interactive puzzles, but by drawing the reader in to help the trio of friends along the way, children have to read the story and instructions very carefully and really focus on the instructions given. My daughter was really looking forward to the third instalment in the series, and as neither of us find logical thinking comes very easily, we are really pleased when our answers match the answers at the back of the book!

Elizabeth Wickenden

Director - Grapevine Media Group Ltd


The third instalment in this STEM-sational series, explores STEM learning through a unique blend of adventure stories and interactive play focusing on environmental themes and renewable energy and resources. Help solve the new “quests” in Questland with aspirational superheros, Lillicorn, Bea Bumble and Leo Zoom.


SuperQuesters: The Case of the Great Energy Robbery

Leo and his two best friends, Lilli and Bea are on a quest to power a plane.  Leo’s mum is an engineer and has given them a model plane explaining that some planes get energy to fly from biofuels. The team discover that renewable energy is made from organic materials even ones available in a garden! They journey to Questland in search of clues about creating biofuel energy. Upon arriving in Questland, the Queen is in urgent need of their help as Lord Grumble and his pesky Snapettes are draining all the energy out of Questland. Join the SuperQuesters in their new adventures as they learn all about how to produce energy from different natural resources; the wind, sun, plant oil, animal manure, algae and ocean waves and work together to crack this latest case, in order to defeat Lord Grumble and restore normality once again to Questland.

We hope that Book 3 in the SuperQuesters series will inspire ALL children to develop a love for STEM learning as they solve quests and become aware and more knowledgeable about the environment and renewable energy sources and resources, whilst developing their STEM skills as they race through the adventure story." Co Authors Dr Thomas Bernard and Lisa Moss


Whilst reading the book, children develop over 13 different STEM skills including problem solving, coding, sequencing and algorithms as they complete each interactive quest. The book is carefully designed with cross-curricular learning opportunities in mind, linking with the science/environmental studies, computing and maths as part of the UK national curriculum. Combining brilliant storytelling with interactive hands-on learning, the picture book features over 100 reusable stickers and a reward chart to celebrate success. Designed for use within the home (either independently or shared with a parent, sibling or friend) or within an education setting (either in the classroom or an after-school club), the series is ideal for fans of Ada Twist, Scientist, Look Up! and Izzy Gizmo.


The SuperQuesters books are also a great screen-free way to help young children develop basic coding skills. The QuestFriendz website features a wealth of STEM activities and resources for use in the home or school setting.


"Another fun and inclusive STEM adventure to get little coders thinking and tapping into their problem-solving skills!"

Rashmi Sirdeshpande, author of Never Teach a Stegosaurus To Do Sums

"An engaging, interactive way to introduce young minds to important STEM skills and concepts." Stuart Naismith, PSTT Primary Science Teacher of the Year & STEM Communicator (STEM with Mr N)

“A clever, interactive problem solving adventure.” Tom Tolkien, Editor School Reading List

Discover your inner superhero in The Case of the Great Energy Robbery.

It’s time to Read, Quest, Learn!

Dr Thomas Bernard and Lisa Moss, illustrated by Amy Willcox

October 5th 2023 in paperback from QuestFriendz, £7.99.

For super problem-solvers and curious creators aged 5+ years.

ISBN 9789083294308


Book two, SuperQuesters: The Case of the Missing Memory has been shortlisted for The Week Junior Book Awards 2023 Children’s Book of the Year STEM category.


Book four, SuperQuesters: The Case of the Angry Sea will be published in early 2024.

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