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The Colossal Book of Incredible Facts for Curious Minds

I have always been a fan of fact books and I can confidently say that this is my favourite one yet, for a number of reasons:

The main and most obvious reason why I like this book so much is the sheer number of facts that this book contains, boasting 5,000 weird and wonderful facts!

Not only this, but I like how the book has categories such as; sport, movies, history and space, along with many more.

For these reasons I would strongly recommend this book for any fellow fact lover like myself.

by Ben (aged 12)


5,000 staggering facts on science, nature, history, movies, music, the universe and more!


A Polish bear in World War II rose to the rank of colonel.


The ashes of the man who invented the Pringles container are buried in one.


Houseflies buzz in the key of F.


'hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia' is the fear of long words


These are just 0.1% of all the facts in this incredible tome! Written by seven authors and covering subjects as diverse as The Universe, Art and Literature, The Natural World and Movies, The Colossal Book of Incredible Facts for Curious Minds contains 5,000 facts - more than any other book on the market – all set to astound, amuse and fascinate.


Impress family and friends with the reasons pandas do handstands, the sinister source of the term 'rule of thumb', or that the patent for the fire hydrant was destroyed... in a fire. Every entry is weird, wonderful, inspiring and quite brilliantly, true!


The Colossal Book of Incredible Facts for Curious Minds

Chas Newkey-Burde . Ken Okona-Mensah . Nigel Henbest . Sarah Tomley . Simon Brew . Tom Parfitt . Trevor Davies

14th September 2023

Cassell . £16.99

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