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Clean Living zero-waste laundry strips to help clean clothes with conscience

The laundry strip packaging is completely plastic-free, no sneaky little plastic bags, or plastic safety seal, or anything at all that can't go straight into the recycling bin, and the laundry strips themselves dissolve completely, leaving no gunky mess in the machine. This also means that there is nothing left behind in the machine, like a plastic dispenser, which has to be located in the washing machine and removed before you take the washing out to the line, or has to be unwedged from a sleeve, or fished out of a duvet cover, when you are putting out the washing; this may sound like a very small thing, but it all helps to make a mundane daily task less time consuming and irritating.

I always do a large load, so I have been using a full strip each time and I like the fact you can tear it in half and distribute it in two places in the machine; I feel I am already getting cleaner clothes by attacking it from both sides. The laundry strips smell amazing in the cardboard wallet, but they don't particularly perfume the wash. However, I have always been pretty suspicious of anything that leaves you with heavily perfumed washing and some detergent is so highly scented that when it is used on bedding it genuinely stops me from sleeping. I would much rather just have a gentle, freshly washed smell. The Clean Living laundry strips are so simple to use and come with fantastic vegan and eco-credentials that I would totally recommend them.

Elizabeth Wickenden

Director - Grapevine Media Group Ltd


Multi-award-winning eco-cleaning brand,  Clean Living, has expanded its home cleaning product range with the new plastic free and zero-waste laundry strips.

The latest addition to Clean Living’s range provides an environmentally friendly yet effective solution to remove stubborn stains and strong odours, leaving clothes beautifully clean and fragrant.

Providing enough cleaning power for up to 60 washes, each pack comes with 30 fresh scented double strips, which are designed to be sud-free and completely dissolve in the wash, offering a zero-waste alternative to common laundry detergents. For smaller loads of washing only half a strip is required, whilst one or two strips are recommended for larger loads or heavily soiled washing.

Not only are the innovative concentrated laundry strips kind to the environment, they are also kind to sensitive skin, using a hypoallergenic formulation that is free from parabens, toxins, palm oil, chemicals and bleach.  The solutions are also PH neutral, vegan and cruelty free.

What’s more, the entire packaging is completely plastic free and compostable, leaving no lasting impact on the planet.

Sue Caldwell, Clean Living, commented: “We’re thrilled to introduce our revolutionary, zero-waste laundry strips, which will allow consumers to clean their clothes with conscience. This new product expands our multi-award-winning range and goes beyond cleaning the home, providing our customers with an effective yet eco-friendly way to do their laundry which is safer for the environment, animals and ourselves. The clever formulations leave clothes beautifully clean and fragrant and completely dissolve in the wash, so consumers can rest assured that no trace is left behind, both on their washing or on the environment.”

The laundry strips enhance Clean Living’s collection of biological, natural and refillable cleaning products for the home.

The new laundry strips coincide with the launch of several new products for the home, including a Biological Floor Cleaner, Biological Multi-Mop Cleaning System, Biological Sports Equipment Cleaner, Biological Sports Equipment Odour Eliminator, a Stainless Steel Odour Removing Soap and a Multi-Use Scrubby, enhancing Clean Living’s award-winning collection of biological, natural and refillable cleaning products for the home.

Its best seller, the Complete Cleaning Kit, offers an easy way for environmentally conscious individuals to get started on an eco-cleaning journey. Stored in a handy cardboard caddy, the complete kit includes Clean Living’s most popular products, including the Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Biological Bin Odour Eliminator, Biological Odour and Spot Remover, Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser, Drain Maintainer, Limescale Remover and Bathroom Cleaner, as well as a host of eco-friendly cleaning accessories.

What’s more, its refillable aluminium bottles are shipped empty with a sachet of concentrate solution to be topped up with tap water at home, drastically reducing single use plastic waste, as well as lowering customers’ carbon footprint. Clean Living also offers a flexible Refill Subscription Service, allowing customers to select which product refills they would like to receive and how often.

Clean Living is available to purchase directly from the online shop, or via its network of environmentally conscious Brand Ambassadors across the country.

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