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Relax Kids: When I’m Feeling…

"It helps with everything" is my 11 year-old daughter's very enthusiastic review of this soon-to-be-released flip book. She has it next to her when doing maths homework, as something to fiddle with, as this helps her to concentrate, but she also follows the exercises and finishes with a happy "I am Amazing" rather than the usual stomp and flounce from the table. So that is a wonderful change. She takes it to school and is allowed to have it on her desk, again as something to fiddle with while she listens to the teacher, but also to help her focus on tasks, as she finds schoolwork tricky.

After a certain age, children don't really want to take advice from their parents or carers, so although it is very easy for us to say "just take your time and do your homework calmly" they've heard it from us a hundred times, and so it's likely that we will be ignored. But, get an expert onboard with lots more ideas, jazz that advice up with bright colours, fun fonts, cute images, and an interactive element where you mix and match the exercises to suit your situation and mood and present it all in a fun, imaginative way and they might just take notice!

Elizabeth Wickenden

Director - Grapevine Media Group Ltd


Our Street Books presents

Relax Kids: When I'm Feeling...

Create your own mindful meditations and discover how many wonderful combinations you can make! 

by Marneta Viegas

Release date: May 26 2023

Categories: Activity books, Body, mind & spirit, Education

Manage emotions and self-regulate by mixing and matching different combinations of relaxing affirmations with this self-read flap book. An unlimited tool kit that allows you to mix and match relaxation and mindfulness exercises -- and create your own story meditations. How many wonderful combinations can you make?


  • Publisher:  Our Street Books (26 May 2023)
  • Language:  English
  • Paperback:  44 pages
  • ISBN-10:  1780992505
  • ISBN-13:  978-1780992501


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About the Author:

Marneta Viegas is founder of Relax Kids Ltd - the UK's leading expert on children's relaxation. She is author of 1- books and has produced a range of relaxation CDs and has appeared on BBC Dragons' Den. Marneta has over 40 years' experience in meditation and relaxation and runs a training program where she has trained over 5,000 franchisees in her unique award-winning method of relaxation. She lives in Oxford, UK, with her dog Ronnie Barker. For more information on Marneta and other Relax Kids products visit:


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