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Eco-friendly gifts that dad will love this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show the father figure in your life how much you care for and appreciate them, but finding the perfect present can be tricky. Clean Living International offers a host of practical, yet eco-friendly cleaning gifts that are ideal for the hands-on dad who loves getting stuck into things, whether it is cooking up a family feast in the kitchen, working up a sweat in the gym, or getting their car gleaming.

Biological Sports Odour Eliminator and Biological Sports Equipment Cleaner 

RRP £8.99

Perfect for the fitness fanatic who loves to spend their free time in the gym, the Clean Living Sports Odour Eliminator and Biological Sports Equipment Cleaner make the ideal duo to ensure activewear, equipment and trainers remain not only odour free but sweat-free, even throughout the toughest of workouts.

Equipped with Clean Living’s signature biological formulations which are supercharged with live, healthy microbes and finished with a fresh fragrance, these trusty products ensure that dad’s gym wear is free from unpleasant odours and is also protected for future workouts as the live, healthy microbes eat away at perspiration, dirt and grime. This duo has many uses across all sports equipment whether it be golf shoes, boxing gloves or cycle helmets, making it ideal for any sporty dad.

Stainless Steel Soap 

RRP £5.95

This clever bar of Stainless Steel Soap fits perfectly into the palm of the hand to remove unwanted odours at source. The stainless steel binds the molecules that create odours together, removing it from the skin and leaving hands free from unpleasant odours using just water.

Ideal for keen cooks, the soap removes strong scents from the skin such as garlic, onion and fish. Its compact, round size makes it the perfect small gift for the father figure in your life who loves to cook up a storm in the kitchen. This handy little bar is also great to keep in your car glove box as its formulation is designed to remove even the toughest of oil or dirt, ideal for after topping up petrol or carrying out mechanical maintenance.


Multi-cleaning Mitt

RRP £12.99

Ideal for an on-the-go dad who loves to keep busy, Clean Living International’s Multi-Cleaning Mitt has many uses for those days spent pottering about the house and garden.

Made from plush microfibre particles, this clever mitt harnesses the power of static by slipping it onto the hand and brushing it with your other hand to charge the static particles before use. Once charged, simply dust down surfaces dry or apply a few spritzes of Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner to achieve an even deeper cleaner. Whether it be giving the home office a dust down, sprucing up garden furniture, or washing the car, the Multi-cleaning Mitt is the perfect companion to help dad tick tasks off his to-do-list on a weekend.

No matter what the father figure in your life is into, Clean Living International has the perfect practical gift that he’ll love, whether it be sprucing up the home office or cleaning down gym equipment, the Clean Living range provides the perfect eco-friendly solution to ensure his most well-loved spaces are free from bacteria and packed with a long-lasting fresh scent.

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