Seedball introduces a new product for the whole family to enjoy

Wildflower expert, Seedball, has introduced a new, interactive product to its collection just in time for Easter! Over 80 million Easter eggs are sold in the UK every year, resulting in more than 8,000 tonnes of packaging waste. Seedball’s new product offers a greener, more exciting alternative for children this year.
The new ‘Make your own Seedball kit’ is fun, messy and a  brilliant activity for all the family to get involved with during the holidays as an environmentally friendly, chocolate alternative for the little ones, which will also help to encourage a love of nature.

Each kit consists of three compostable paper pouches containing bee and butterfly wildflower seeds, clay powder and peat-free compost. By mixing all three ingredients together in a bowl with water, children can create up to 60 seed balls in less than an hour, perfect for a rainy-day activity. Once the seed balls are dry, kids and adults alike can enjoy the experience of scattering them in the garden or in pots and watching them grow.

Seedball has designed this kit to help educate children about the stages of growing plants and how important they are for our environment in a fun, hands-on way. With pollinators on the decline, this product is a fantastic way to teach children about the importance of flowers for wildlife, while providing them with a fun, messy task to take part in. This allows them to be a part of every step of the seed’s journey, from product to flower, resulting in a beautiful garden for the whole family to enjoy, while providing a source of food for bees and butterflies, and helping to pollinate other plants along the way.

Find out more about how Seedballs are made and how to use them on the website.


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