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ADHD: An A to Z 

Navigating the world with an ADHD brain can be exhausting. The rollercoaster ride from the long waiting lists for assessments, to medication and understanding what it all means, can leave your child feeling completely overwhelmed.

New book, ADHD: An A to Z, is here to change all that. If your child has (or you suspect they have) ADHD, they will know the frustration of being misunderstood and told to ‘just pay attention’ – but this A-Z is the ultimate guide to help your child survive, and thrive, with ADHD.

Easy to digest and full to the brim with practical life advice – from diagnosis and medication to organization and sleep, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and time management – ADHD Coach and Director of ADHD Works Leanne Maskell provides the essential roadmap for parents to confidently understand and support their child’s ADHD.


Leanne Maskell is an ADHD Coach, author of  ADHD: An A to Z and Director of coach training company ADHD Works

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