Make a promise to the planet in 2023

A new year brings the chance to set out some intentions for the year ahead, whether it’s taking up a new hobby or cutting back on unhealthy habits. This year, why not make a promise to the planet and make some simple eco resolutions that will not only improve your own life, but help protect the environment, too!

To help you make 2023 greener, the multi-award-winning, eco-cleaning brand, Clean Living International, has shared some of the simple and easy eco resolutions you can make in the home this year.


Refill, reuse and recycle

A simple way you can be kinder to the earth in the new year is by finding ways to reuse and recycle whatever you can while making it a regular practice in your life. Whether it’s by opting for refillable water bottles, deodorants, or cleaning products, all of these simple and easy swaps will not only stop the clutter building up in the home, but also reduce the staggering amount of waste that is being sent to landfill.

To help combat this, Clean Living International uses refillable aluminium spray bottles and concentrated solutions. So, whether you need to top up your Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser, Biological Bin Odour Eliminator, Glass Cleaner or any of its other liquid products, all you have to do is simply pour your concentrated solutions into your empty bottle, top it up with tap water, give it a little shake and you are ready to get cleaning again! The refill sachets can also be free-posted back to Clean Living International to be responsibly recycled and complete the sustainability cycle.

It also offers a flexible Refill Subscription Service, allowing customers to select which product refills they would like to receive and how often. The refill sachets will arrive at your door exactly when you need them, so you can stay stocked up without being tempted to reach for single use, chemical cleaning products!


Say goodbye to toxic chemicals

Many traditional cleaning products are packed full of harmful chemicals that can have a devastating impact on our environment, wildlife, and aquatic life. It can even impact our health, as you breathe in and absorb the toxic substances every time you clean. So, switching to natural cleaning products should be at the top of your eco resolutions list for the new year! Look for alternative products that offer an environmentally friendly, powerful clean and make sure to always check labels for harmful or hazardous ingredients.

Biological formulations, like those used in many Clean Living International products, are a great alternative and feature clever plant-based formulas that are supercharged with live, healthy bacteria to attack dirt, eliminate odours and dissolve grime. It also forms a protective barrier to stunt the regrowth of bad bacteria, so it continues cleaning for you long after you have finished! Plus, being free from nasties such as chlorine and ammonia, all products are pH neutral, cruelty-free and completely non-toxic to pets and aquatic life.

Ditch the disposables

With more than 14 million tonnes of waste making its way to landfill sites each year, it’s important to find ways you can ditch single-use products and opt for reusable items instead. When it comes to finding new ways to reduce waste in the kitchen, why not swap your kitchen sponges, cloths and scrubbers for more sustainable options? Clean Living International has everything you need to eco-proof your kitchen cleaning supplies, helping provide a powerful yet sustainable clean.

Its Coconut Scourers, made from 100% natural coconut husks, can be put straight into compost bins or normal waste bins after exceeding their lifespan of scrubbing greasy grills, washing up and cleaning bathrooms. They are completely biodegradable, so no waste is left behind! The Multi Cleaning Kit offers a reusable alternative to harmful polishes and instead harnesses the power of static to attract dust particles. Simply slip it onto your hand and brush it with your other hand to charge the static particles before use. For a streak-free shine on windows and surfaces, Clean Living International’s Microfibre Cloths offer high-quality and hard-wearing eco-cloths that work on all areas without leaving any traces of fluff or lint behind.

Reduce your carbon footprint

While finding products you can easily refill is a great eco-resolution for 2023, you can help the planet even further by having your refills delivered straight to your door. Driving to the supermarket in your car or motorbike contributes nearly three-quarters of the greenhouse gas emissions that come from transport - not to mention the emissions from lorries transporting products from warehouses to stores! Opt for online shopping to reduce your carbon footprint and the number of lorries on the road.

If you’d like to make the new year as eco-friendly as possible, switch to Clean Living International eco-cleaning products and purchase them directly from its online shop, or via its network of environmentally conscious Brand Ambassadors across the country.

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Clean Living’s Brand Ambassador opportunity gives people the chance to make a positive impact on the planet, while earning a flexible income from home. The model is similar to the approach successfully used by other brands, though the Clean Living Ambassador opportunity uniquely offers people the chance to create a positive impact as well as an income. There is now a network of over 200 ambassadors around the country!

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