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What Do YOU Think? by Matthew Syed

Part biographical comic book, part instruction manual for how to discuss and debate with peers and authority figures without getting angry or dogmatic, Matthew Syed's new book is instantly entertaining, engaging and very accessible for children and parents alike. The author draws on numerous personal experiences to explain how language can manipulate, how prejudices are formed, how to think critically and how to weigh our words before we speak. The anecdotes and bite-sized sections are brilliant conversation starters for thinking about where we have come across similar situations in our day to day lives, how we dealt with them then, and how we might deal with them better in the future. The author also tackles the effects of fake news on the actions of the population and takes us through the ins and outs of echo chambers and cancel culture.  A very easy, enjoyable and informative read.

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Out 27 October 2022 | Hachette Children’s Group

Paperback | £9.99 | 8+


The new children’s book from award-winning and bestselling author, two-time Olympian and the voice on smart thinking and growth mindset for kids – MATTHEW SYED helping young readers discover how debates and disagreements can give them new ideas, stronger friendships, and help change the world for the better.


Matthew’s first book for children, You Are Awesome, was an international smash-hit, pioneering a new smart thinking space for young people. Now Matthew uses his vast experience to help children think critically, communicate effectively, and find their own voice.


What Do YOU Think? Is a positive and empowering toolkit for kids looking to be heard and understood in an increasingly polarized and argumentative world.  It will help them (and help parents, carers and educators supporting them) gain the tools they need to navigate a world that’s increasingly at odds and inspire them to form their own opinions and communicate them with confidence and kindness.


“I wanted to write a positive and empowering toolkit to help young people find their voice and speak up with confidence and kindness in an era of increasingly outspoken opinions. In What Do YOU Think?, I want readers to understand what’s influencing their ideas – from peer pressure to Fake News – and how to form and change opinions, including their own. I also want to equip them with essential skills, such as how to debate with those they disagree with, and how to communicate well. We need the next generation to grow into critically thinking, intelligent adults.” – Matthew Syed



What if you could disagree with someone without it turning into the argument of the century? I’m here to tell you that it can be done. If you are the kind of person who…


- Avoids disagreements because you don’t want to fall out

- Gets too embarrassed to say that you’ve changed your mind

- Feels so overwhelmed that you don’t know what to think


…then this book is for you.


What do YOU think? Will help young readers to discover how debates and disagreements can give them new ideas, stronger friendships, and help change the world for the better.




Praise for You Are Awesome (Children’s Book of the Year 2019) and Dare To Be You:


Charming, informative and inspiring motivational book for children.” ― The Times Children’s Book of the Week

Matthew Syed’s first book for children, You Are Awesome, was a massive hit...This is the sequel and we reckon it’s just as good, if not better...With lively text, stylish illustrations and real-life sets out to encourage young readers to build their confidence and resilience and follow their own path in life.” ― The Independent

Hugely inspiring, and should be read by every teen on the planet.“ ― Press Association



Matthew Syed is a columnist for The Times, an acclaimed author and a former international table tennis champion. His first book for kids, You Are Awesome, was a no. 1 bestseller and won Best Children’s Non-fiction Book 2019. In 2020, Matthew became a World Book Day author with My Awesome Guide To Getting Good At Stuff and helped young readers cope with and tackle the setbacks and disruption caused by the pandemic with Dare To Be You, the resilience building follow-up to You Are Awesome. Matthew is also a trustee of Greenhouse Sports, a charity that empowers young people from disadvantaged communities through sport. Matthew is married to Kathy Weeks and has two young children.


What Do YOU Think? was written with Kathy Weeks, author of the Harper Drew children’s book series and long-standing member of Team Awesome.


Find out more and buy a copy at    |       @matthewsyed  |        @matthewsyedauthor

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