Knockhatch is the best adventure park by a long shot, I found every single activity extremely fun and I think that all the animals are really interesting and entertaining for everyone.

The Sherlock Holmes Experience was really spooky and a brain challenging puzzle for everyone. All the moving parts and machines were a really good addition to the experience. I loved the old Victorian style of everything and it really added an extra layer of realism to it, making it all the more fun. This was honestly one of my favourite activities, because of all the frights we had.

The Lost World Playbarn is the most fun soft play I’ve ever been to, however the huge slides really took the stage and I loved them, they were so addictive and I couldn't get enough of going down them. The Lost World Playbarn might even be my favourite activity, purely because of the fun we had doing the slides!

The Wave Runner was a really unique ride and certainly wins the award for most thrilling ride, I couldn’t help but do it again after my first experience of it and the splash at the bottom was always a surprise even though you knew it was coming. I could have done it lots more times if we had the time and it never got boring splashing our way down the slide.

 Everything at Knockhatch was amazing and I would be really excited to go there again. I loved going to Knockhatch!

Ben Wickenden (aged 11)


Eurasian Eagle Owl by Lotty Wickenden (aged 10)

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