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War of the Wind – by Victoria Williamson

I was expecting the book to be all about the environment and climate change, but actually it is all about a sinister scientist trying to experiment on the island’s people with his mind controlling wind turbines. I can see that the author has used her experience as a special needs teacher to write about the lives of the type of students she used to teach and to create characters that children reading the book can relate to. Also, you can tell she has lived in Scotland as they say "wee" a lot.

I thought this book was really intriguing as you get to have a look into the lives of people who live differently due to their special needs. I loved how Max turned from a bully in a gang he would later be a victim of, to someone who stands up to discrimination and befriends others who he used to bully. I hugely want see a book 2 as it would be really cool to see the four main characters get back together and defeat a future threat to the island’s inhabitants.
by Ben (aged 11)



Young Teen eco-thriller. Age: 11+
Featuring a cast of children with special needs, this propulsive young teen eco-thriller is a story of secret government
weapons testing gone wrong...

On a remote Scottish island, fourteen-year-old Max’s life changes
forever when he loses his hearing in a boating accident. Struggling to
make sense of his new life and resenting having to attend the ‘special
class’ at his local high school, he begins to notice strange changes that
take place when a new wind farm appears off the island’s coast.
Soon it becomes clear the islanders are acting oddly. In a few short
weeks they become irritable, bad tempered and unpredictable. As the
strange behaviour spreads to the children, acts of violence threaten to
tear the community apart.
Unaffected by the changes, due to his hearing loss, Max discovers that
a sinister scientist, Doctor Ashwood, and the government are using the
wind turbines to test a new sound wave weapon on the island
population. With the help of three school friends with additional
support needs, Max must find a way to shut down the wind farm’s
signals and stop Doctor Ashwood’s plan before the out-of-control
experiment has tragic consequences.

Victoria Williamson is an award-winning children’s author from
Glasgow. She has taught maths and science in Cameroon, trained
teachers in Malawi, taught English in China and worked with children
with special needs in the UK. Victoria is a qualified primary school
teacher. She is passionate about creating inclusive worlds in her novels
where all children can see themselves reflected in a heroic role.

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RRP £8.99 / PB: 9781911107507


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