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April’s Magical World & Her Joy for Living Slow – by Kizzy Petit

“It’s a beautiful book, and I applaud the author’s vision of encouraging children to embrace their imagination fully and for parents to encourage this with love” Ingénue Magazine


April’s Magical World and her joy for living slow chronicles a glorious day of a childhood filled with play, nature and April’s wild imagination running uninhibited and free. She paints, wears her pink rain boots and her blue waterproof and goes out to meet other girls and boys. Adventures range from climbing trees to meeting a dinosaur, a dragon and a unicorn, while also singing songs, dancing, collecting magic stones, and building fairy homes. At the setting of the sun she returns home, where she has a bath and shares her adventures with her mother.   

Kizzy Petit was born in Venezuela, but moved to the United Kingdom at age 36. Her passion for writing has been her preferred way to express herself since a very young age. She has a journalism and teaching background. Her daughter is her inspiration to promote the wonders of a slow-paced childhood in tune with nature and imagination, through fun rhyming stories that also leave a message to the parents. Being a slow parenting advocate herself, Kizzy Petit encourages that young children learn through their senses by experiencing art, stories, movement, and nature, whilst being unperturbed by adult intervention. She now lives in the English countryside with her daughter. 

Independently published in Great Britain Paperback on 28th January, 2022, priced £8,95

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