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Getting Back to Mother Nature with Natural Remedies for your Skin & Hair

Charlotte Rasmussen is helping me to save money on our heating bills as she makes a very good argument for showering a bit less frequently and not washing off your body's natural oils every single day. That is not to say not washing, but just not showering every day (or twice a day as I know some people like to do). I realise that this advice is not for everyone; my husband would really struggle with skipping his daily shower, whereas my daughter has always been a shower-dodger and her young skin might actually be thanking her for it. Eczema, dry skin, red itchy patches - maybe they are your body's way of saying please ease off a bit on the washing and the chemicals?

So what do you do, and what do you use instead? 'From Earth - Create your own Natural Apothecary' is a guide to ditching the mass-produced lotions and potions which are filled with chemicals to give them a shelf life, and making up your own simple products which are based on all natural ingredients. Plus, they still keep for a long time, most for up to 1 or 2 years with the correct storage conditions. Some ingredients would have to be bought specially, but if you have a garden, or have houseplants, you might already grow some of the ingredients yourself, or they might have self seeded in the less well tended corners of your garden. I really want to try out scrunched up nettle leaves as a remedy for bites, stings and, very weirdly, nettle rash! We did carefully pick some nettle leaves when camping recently but we didn't get round to scrunching them up as we then had to go and do something else, but it is top of my list of things to try next time we come across some stinging nettles!

Elizabeth Wickenden

Director - Grapevine Media Group


NEW BOOK:  From Earth: Create Your Own Natural Apothecary

by Charlotte Rasmussen, published by Rockpool Publishing.

The market is saturated with skin and hair products full of chemicals, preservatives and code numbers that most of us don’t understand the meaning of. We are unaware of what we are actually putting on our skin or the potential harm that these products could have on our health.

Instead of buying products filled with unintelligible chemicals, new book From Earth, shows readers how to use natural resources to make their own homemade products to care for their skin, hair and overall health and wellbeing.

Whether you have dry skin, greasy hair, a blocked-up nose or just want to create a relaxing fragrance for your home, this book provides a wealth of expert recipes to care for all your needs from body butters and herbal teas to decongestants for children.

Packed full of amazing recipes for all the family this book also:

  • reveals the natural benefits and properties in various roots, flowers, herbs found all over the world
  • shares simple steps to use carrier oils, essential oils and butters
  • is full of practical tips on how to make your own soaps and shampoos without nasty chemicals or parabens

Inspired by the author Charlotte Rasmussen’s Scandinavian upbringing and the botanicals she discovered after moving to Australia, this is a perfect guide for anyone wanting to find a more holistic way of life. With easy, step-by-step instructions, beautiful photographs and straightforward advice, readers can easily and quickly create their own natural apothecary using readily available ingredients.


From Earth: Create Your Own Natural Apothecary by Charlotte Rasmussen, is published by Rockpool Publishing, on 4th August 2022, priced £18,99.



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