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Child Safety Week

You don’t need to be superhuman to be a safety hero for your child

Child Safety Week 24 to 30 June 2013

Q. What makes the biggest difference to preventing children suffering the pain and misery of serious injuries or death?

The little things parents and grandparents do day in day out.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) is celebrating the love and care that parents and grandparents throughout the country put into keeping children safer from serious accidents. CAPT is calling on parents and families this Child Safety Week to think of a few simple changes that they can make, like moving a hot drink out of reach or checking the safety gate on the stairs is shut, and see how quickly they become everyday habits that take no time at all.

The week involves events up and down the country run by children’s centres, playgroups, childminders, schools, health centres, fire and rescue services, road safety departments. There are activities for children and parents to get involved with, demonstrations from fire and rescue and police services, car seat checking, CAPT information about preventing accidents is handed out, all to remind parents of the many simple things they can do to keep their children free from serious accidents whilst still letting them have fun.

Commenting on the campaign Katrina Phillips, CAPT Chief Executive said: “We are often in awe of the enthusiasm and drive we see amongst parents and grandparents, and people working with children and families to keep children safe from serious accidents. That’s why this year we want Child Safety Week to celebrate the wonderful things that happen on a daily basis that often go unnoticed and without thanks.

“We are calling on parents, grandparents and anyone caring for children to think about simple changes they can make that make such an enormous difference to the children they care about.”