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Business Name : Synergy Dance Ltd

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Synergy Dance® is a mixed dance program for infants, juniors and teens supplying schools and leisure centres. We run dance classes, dance clubs, school classes, dance parties and workshops. We supply Guildford Spectrum and Charterhouse club.

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Synergy Dance® is a mixed dance fitness program for infants, juniors and teens. Our program delivers a new approach within schools, leisure centres, Home education groups, funded charities (eg CHIPS/FISH) and the community. The Synergy formula includes a mix of choreography, methodology, music, drama and dance steps. Our action-packed classes are full of energy, fun and flair for all and encourage creativity and imagination through dance.

We offer a taste of many different dance styles from Jive & Quickstep to Break & Street, inspired by the aim to Synergize the many different dance forms: a unique and ground breaking effect.

The main styles at Synergy Dance® are Street, Jazz, Synergy® Football anthems™, Ballroom & Latin routines, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Cheer Leading and Disco. There are even Synergy Fusion™ classes for adults to enjoy. Classes enable children and teens to keep fit and active, whilst releasing energy and stress. Children can learn many dance styles, and the history of those, as well as learning how to break down steps; from “base step” to performance. The classes are also a great way to make new friends and learn social skills, such as respect and taking turns. Impro-Dance™ (freestyle sections), games and flexible teaching styles enhance the learning and dance experience for every group, improving memory, creative skills, coordination and musicality. Our pick and mix approach works well on the dance floor and for our hugely successful dance parties and workshops, appealing to boys and girls.

With constantly updated music to keep up with trends and popular themes, Synergy Dance® classes leave participants engaged throughout the class and keen for more. The key to keeping young people in fitness is to offer classes that they really want to take part in rather than prescribe out of date or less appealing activities.

We aim to promote lifelong participation in dance and fitness and to reach all levels of fitness, ability and background – through our work in schools, Leisure centres and funded charity work for adults and children with learning difficulties and disabilities. Our purpose is to reach those individuals who are less suited to team sports who prefer a dance option to keep fit. We also aim to provide inclusive, creative, fun and effective mixed dance classes for infants, juniors and teens extending into adulthood.

In West Surrey we supply Charterhouse Club, Guildford Spectrum, local schools, CHIPS, FISH, SURREY CHOICES and we are working with Sportivate and Active Surrey to bring our innovative classes and workshops to all children. Synergy is a Management Franchise. Please contact us if you are interested in running a Synergy Franchise in another area on or would like more information.

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