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Walk through history in bricks as LEGO© enthusiast Warren Elsmore returns to Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery with his touring exhibition, Brick History, on Friday 9 February 2018.

Brick History takes you on a journey through pivotal moments in world history, modelled in LEGO© bricks. This is history brought to life at a relatable, human level, featuring key figures from Mozart to Martin Luther King, scientific discoveries from the Big Bang to DNA and recent history from mobile phones to the moon landings.

An image of a banner promoting LEGO©: Brick History which is at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery from 9 February until 15 April 2018. The banner shows lego creations of ships, a volcano and representations of historic battles.

This exhibition has something for people of all ages. From tiny recreations of Concorde and Titanic that would sit in your hand, to a 1.5m square castle bustling with activity in periods of both piece and war, there is something for all to be amazed by and to admire. Children and adults alike are sure to be inspired by this exhibition and eager to build their own LEGO® models.

For those who want to look deeper, the models are grouped into five themes, interpreted by large colourful graphic panels.

Lezley Picton, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for culture and leisure, said:

“LEGO was a hugely popular exhibition when it visited in 2015 with over 14,000 people visiting the Museum during its five week stay, so it’s fantastic that it is returning.

“Brick History has something that people of all ages can enjoy. Young and old will have an affinity with LEGO bricks, whether it be those who enjoy building with them now, or those who have fond memories of building the most epic of models back in the day. I can’t wait for this incredibly exciting exhibition to open.”

LEGO© bricks are unique in their appeal, having been a top-selling toy for over 50 years.

LEGO: Brick History will be at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery from 9 February – 15 April 2018.



Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms is set to launch a brand new mass participation challenge walk next year.  The “Shropshire Way 80K” will be taking in some of the finest parts of the Shropshire hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the route is 80km (50 miles) in length with the aim being to complete the circuit in less than 24 hours. The route follows almost exclusively the Shropshire way on either the Main Route or its subsidiary paths.

Starting and finishing at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, the home of Grow Cook Learn, this walk will take you through the very best of Shropshire’s amazing, undiscovered landscape and some of its hidden market towns. Along the way, as you pass through our check points, you will be able to sample some of the wonderful local produce that this area has to offer as you quite literally “eat the view”. Participants will be treated to a delicious breakfast upon their return to the Centre.

Bookings for the event, which be held over Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March 2018, will be open on Monday 20th November at 10am. Participants should contact the Centre to book, spaces are limited.

The Manager of the Centre, Grant Wilson, says:

“After many years of taking part in and marshalling on similar events to this all over Europe, I have long been formulating an idea about staging  a long distance event of my own in the Shropshire Hills.  Finally now, with the support of Grow Cook Learn, I am in a position to bring my idea to life.

My two passions are walking and running through the Shropshire Hills and eating the food that this amazing landscape produces. This event is my attempt to share my love for this special place and its food with like-minded people locally, nationally and internationally.

If you are thinking about taking part, but aren’t sure if you have what it takes to complete such a massive challenge, have a look at the training section on our website. You may think it impossible, but believe me, if you have the passion and determination to succeed, a walk like this is within your reach. Make it your goal to train this winter and test yourself in the spring”

Entry to the Discovery Centre and Onny Meadows is free but there is a charge for visitors to enjoy our Shropshire Hills Through Time exhibition and visit our mammoth. The Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre offers an extensive programme of family events, adult courses and a variety of activities for the whole family. The unique grass roofed building houses a replica of the famous mammoth skeleton found in Shropshire. The café serves delicious home-cooked food. Browse our extensive shop selling a range of quirky gifts. Every half term and school holiday we provide hands-on family activities. For further details call 01588 676060 or visit the website:



Children’s charity Mentor Link is recruiting Volunteer Mentors from Wem and surrounding area to provide one to one support to children and young people in schools.  Mentor Link are keen to hear from people in business and the community,  who would be interested in becoming a Volunteer Mentor to support a young person  to achieve their full potential. The mentors are specially trained to listen to and support young people and aim to improve their self- esteem and engagement in learning. The charity has an excellent track record of success in achieving positive outcomes with children and young people.

If you like a challenge and want to give something back to help make a difference to the lives of vulnerable young people then we would like to hear from you. As one year 9 girl wrote to her mentor, “I am glad I met you as you have allowed me to be who I am today and without you who knows where I would be right now.”

No previous experience of mentoring is needed as we are looking for people with life experiences and enthusiasm who can give an hour a week. We have short films available on our website about our mentors who have supported young people, so for further information see

As part of our Induction programme Mentor Link requires 2 character references, enhanced DBS clearance, Induction and on-going training and travel expenses. We have a dedicated and experienced team of staff to support you in your role.

For further information please contact Karen Arnold on 07875 438659, email [email protected] or Head Office on 01299 822336 email [email protected]




It’s the local Area organisation, supporting anyone needing our services living in Shropshire Telford and Wrekin, as part of the leading UK national bereavement charity.
Our services cover children of all ages in a number of differing ways. The most usual with younger children is for a parent to contact us. It is very important to understand that there is special training added to the already in-depth courses taken by all our bereavement volunteers, for those who work with children. Indeed many of these specially trained volunteers already spend time in their professional lives in some child-centred work.
Parents are often involved here too, but teenagers often make contact on their own and we can then tell them about a service especially for them, this is:
AN INTERACTIVE WEB SITE ( designed and developed in consultation with young people which includes a message board to read and reply to, sharing experiences, information and links to other websites, together with a gallery in which to put pictures and poems.
Of course we also offer them the opportunity of one-to-one interaction as we do to all those looking for help, either in one of a locally convenient pre-arranged venue or when necessary at home.
We have recently been given the opportunity to develop some new initiatives in our work with children and these include a further group of volunteers to be specifically trained in the New Year, a work book to assist staff working with bereavement in schools and senior members of our organisation talking to groups of staff in schools, all led by a small working party taking this forward.



Aunt Em (Emma Tilley) will come to your pre-school birthday to entertain your children, giving out stickers and balloons to each child, plus a small present for the birthday girl or boy.

Emma says, “We play games like Musical Statues and do action songs and musical activities.  I bring finger puppets to sing songs about, sing nursery rhymes and bring my stereo and percussion instruments for everyone to have a go with to make our own party orchestra – plenty of fun and noise for all!  The parties are age-specific so the activities are tailor-made to the age required (age 1, 2, 3 or 4) and can be themed if required, eg pirates and princesses.  And of course I come to you – so all you have to do is book me to come, add enthusiastic children and I will do the rest!

I work all year round and can do indoors or out (weather permitting).

Pre-school / nursery Christmas parties and/or music events for Early Years/OFSTED approval.

I have insurance and I am fully DBS checked through the local council.  Prices depend on the distance I have to travel and the number of children attending and there is 10% discount for quoting “Family Grapevine” when you book!”

To book or for more information please contact me via any of the following methods:

[email protected] 07963 520877 or 01952 274667.


The breakdown of a marriage or long-term partnership can be upsetting for all concerned and when we think of the people involved, parents and children are always the ones who spring to mind. Little thought is given to Grandparents.

The law gives no automatic right for Grandparents to see their grandchildren. This is not to say that Grandparents cannot apply to the Court to see their grandchildren, but the process can be difficult and expensive with no guarantee of success and thereby limited to Grandparents who are lucky enough to have the financial means to pursue an application through the Courts.

We can all accept that sometimes it would be inappropriate and not in the best interests of the child to see their Grandparents, but there should be a presumption that, all things being equal, Grandparents should be able to see their Grandchildren. When the wellbeing of children is considered there is a good argument for saying that the role of Grandparents should be part of the process. At a time when parents may be struggling with the stress of a break-up and difficulties in their relationship, Grandparents can play an important stabilising role for the children; visits to their Grandparents’ home can feel normal and safe when the rest of the world seems to be turned upside-down.


It is important for a Grandparent to seek legal advice early on, when the problems arise. This will allow them to understand the options and act in an appropriate way so as not to unsettle what could be a very delicate situation.

For further advice then please contact our friendly and approachable family team on 01743 285 888 or 01952 297979.


Great prizes when you guess its height

Apley installs the tallest Christmas tree in Shropshire

A farm shop near Bridgnorth has just installed possibly the tallest Christmas tree in Shropshire. Apley Farm Shop’s courtyard is now decorated with a huge Norway Spruce Christmas tree, ready for the two day Apley Christmas Market, 10-4pm on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th November.

Lady Hamilton, Marketing Manager explained “We’re running a competition to guess the height of the tree, with three great prizes: first prize is a year’s membership in Pigg’s Playbarn, second prize a Christmas hamper & third prize Afternoon Tea for two in the Creamery Café. To enter, just go to & click on the photo of the tree. Or complete an entry form whilst there.“

Apley Estate owner, Lord Gavin Hamilton explained “We were keen to set the tone of Christmas as the biggest & best yet at Apley, so we were delighted when our woodman found this beautifully proportioned & very tall tree in the Apley Estate woods.”

“It was quite a performance to install the tree”, commented Graeme Manton, Apley Estate Land Agent, “The tree was transported from the woods on a flatbed trailer & it was all hands to the task as we used the farm loader to put it up & hang the decorations.”

“We have a lot going on this festive season at Apley Farm Shop” enthused John Wesley, Apley Farm Shop General Manager, “All your senses will be awoken: You will SEE our lovely rustic Christmas decorations, SMELL delicious foods, TASTE the free samples offered by local Shropshire food & drinks producers, HEAR Christmas music & chat with the producers themselves & last of all, TOUCH the present ideas in all the Apley shops!”

“Tickets for all family Christmas events are available online. Just go to “Apley Ticket Office” on the Apley Farm Shop website. It was very busy last year, so we recommend booking early“ added Charlotte Payton, Pigg’s Playbarn Manager.

Customers have a choice of a wide range of hampers, pre-filled or tailor-made, for customers to fill themselves with their favourite products, creating unique & personalized presents. The Apley Bakery ovens have been working non-stop making handmade Christmas puddings, Christmas cakes & minced pies. Christmas orders are already open on the Butcher & Delicatessen counters whilst the Shop itself is full of ideal edible Christmas presents.

“We’re very proud that this year we won a Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Award for our handmade mince pies, so they now have that extra seal of approval!“ added Farm Shop supervisor Lora Rogers.

Apley’s website has full details or call 01952 581 002 or 07739 320 314.

Taste Discover Enjoy at Apley Farm Shop – so much more than a farm shop!



Central Park Nursery will soon be celebrating its 22nd birthday which we feel very excited and proud about as we see this as a great achievement.

We pride ourselves in having strong relationships with our parents and children and firmly believe parent partnership is essential for the growth of children’s wellbeing.

We offer sessions for all our children and work closely with outside agencies to ensure that all children are nurtured and their needs are supported.

This can include speech and language, Makaton and even translators to support children in our care who speak English as an additional language.

We believe in creating an environment where children can learn and play while being supported by experienced, knowledgeable practitioners in an environment which encourages challenge and opportunity for all.

We offer a wide range of experiences following the EYFS and have additional facilities such as a ball pool, forest school, outside areas and new interactive tables for the children to gain invaluable life skill.  We also have regular visits from the police and fire service, Guide Dogs Association, and of course Santa, ensuring that all children are getting new and exciting opportunities to learn and play. In our recent Ofsted inspection we gain a Good and we were awarded 5 stars from Environmental Health.

We constantly strive to improve the service we provide and work very hard to build strong long lasting relationships. We have also seen children we have cared for in the past, returning as adults without their own children.

Over the year we help charities including Barnardo’s, Children in Need and Telford Crisis Support.  We feel this gives children a good understanding of how lucky they are as well as bringing the community into nursery.


The Webster Technique – Improving the birth experience.

During pregnancy, chiropractic adjustments are one of the best things a mum can do to optimise her health and her baby’s development, as well as creating conditions favouring a positive birth outcome.

The Webster Technique is especially useful during pregnancy because it addresses subluxations (misalignments) in the pelvis and sacrum. During pregnancy, the hormone, relaxin, causes joints to loosen which, coupled with weight gain and changes in posture, make pregnant women more susceptible to subluxations in this area. The Webster Technique aims to decrease the effects of subluxations in the sacrum and pelvis through a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment, in order to improve neuro-biochemical functioning to the sacral/pelvic region.

This restoration of normal function may affect the baby’s spinal and nervous system development, improve the baby’s positioning and birth outcome, prevent dystocia (difficult labour) and relieve general aches and pains in the sacrum and pelvis.

Pregnancy is a critical period for both the mother and the baby. It prepares the baby for the external world that they will enter and it lays the framework for their future health. During pregnancy, a baby needs optimum physical, chemical and emotional conditions to develop to its fullest potential. Through chiropractic and the Webster Technique, a mother can achieve optimal functioning of her nervous system, which in turn improves her health and creates conditions for her child to be born with the greatest possible potential.

Dr Fredericksen is a registered doctor of chiropractic. He is committed to helping pregnant women, their children and their entire family reach and enjoy optimal health. He practises in Shrewsbury and Wem at Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic.



  • For working families in England with 3 and 4-year-old children
  • An extra 15 hours a week of free childcare – so 30 hours in all
  • Parents of children who will be 3 on 31st August can apply online in July and must have an eligibility code BEFORE claiming from their childcare provider, or providers, (the free entitlement can be split between multiple providers but no more than two a day) for September 17.
  • If eligible, you’re entitled to an extra 570 hours of free childcare a year to use flexibly, so 1140 hours in total.
  • You, and any partner, must each expect to earn (on average) at least £120 a week (equal to 16 hours at the National Minimum or Living Wage). If you, or your partner, are on maternity, paternity or adoption leave, or you’re unable to work because you are disabled or have caring responsibilities, you could still be eligible.
  • You can’t get 30 hours free childcare if you or your partner, expect to earn £100,000+
  • Available at participating nurseries and nursery classes; playgroups and pre-schools; childminders and Sure Start Children’s Centres
  • For more information contact you childcare provider or visit the website below where you can also register: