Sundown Adventureland
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Business Name : Sundown Adventureland

Short Description :

Sundown Adventureland- The adventure theme park for under 10’s

Long Description :

Ahoy there! Watch out for those wicked pirates and all their friends! You’ll never know when you’re going to get wet on the RIVER BARREL BOAT RIDE, and don’t forget your bucket and spade for CAPTAIN SANDY’S PLAY COVE.

Journey back in time on the ROBIN HOOD RIDE, meet the outlaws, travel through their hideout, but watch out for the evil Sheriff. 

All aboard the ROCKY MOUNTAIN RAILROAD, but hold on to your hats! Those pesky bandits are popping up everywhere. Bet you’ve never heard a goat yodel, a potato talk, or a pig sing! Well you will in SUNDOWN’S MARKET SQUARE, and do you know another PET SHOP where all the animals join in and sing a musical chorus? Or even, a WITCHES KITCHEN, where you’re the one who makes magical things happen? Keep a look out for those ANGRY BIRDS!  Don’t miss the magnificent TRACTOR RIDE around the farmyard! what’s that car doing in the Duck Pond?

Business Phone Number:

01777 248274

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