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Business Name : Quackers Swim School

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Based at the Lenton Centre in Nottingham, Quackers Swim School provides traditional swimming lessons from age six months to pre-club level. Courses are run in school term time, but we also provide intensive courses during the holidays as well as one to one and special needs tuition.

Long Description :

Your child will learn to swim in a safe and friendly environment.
All of our teachers are fully qualified and CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked.
Our lessons are competitively priced and we guarantee there will be no more than eight children in any one group.Contact Us for further information.

Adult and Child

These classes are designed to initiate and give confidence to both the parent and child in a pool environment. Water confidence is built up with the use of toys and songs during the lessons.  These lessons are also ideal for babies from six months to three years.  There are two levels, one for the six to eighteen month old and the second level for the eighteen to thirty-six month olds.  Lessons run throughout the week.

Pre-School Ducklings
These lessons are for children from three years upwards and structured so that the child learns the basics of swimming.  There is a maximum of eight in a group with a teacher and an assistant in the water. Many children are swimming before they go to full time school. Parents do not need to go in the water with their children. The benefits of these lessons are not only confidence in the water, but also in group situations and enhanced social skills. Lessons run through out the week and at certain times at the weekend.

For school age children ranging from the non–swimmer to having a basic understanding of at least three swimming strokes.  A maximum of eight in each group maximises teaching and an assistant will be in the water where necessary. The beginners level is split into four levels so that teaching can be targeted more specifically for the swimmers ability.  Set standards are to be obtained before progressing to the next level.  These swimmers will learn to swim from 5 to 15 metres with improving standards.

Lessons to build on the skills and strokes gained in the beginner levels. Again there are no more than eight in a group but no assistant is needed in the water.  Strokes are enhanced technically; stamina builds up as technique improves.  These swimmers will improve their swimming from 15 to 200 metres again with increasing technical ability.  By building on technical ability over a short distance longer distances are easily achievable.

The advanced groups will work longer distances with harder practises to increase strength, stamina and technique. They will build up stamina from 200 to 600 metres of good swimming in four strokes.  Personal Survival Skills will also be taught to increase the knowledge about the dangers of open water.  These skills can then be transferred to other water sports such as sailing, rowing and canoeing.

This group is designed for fitness, stamina training, technical enhancement and can be used as a precursor to club swimming. Distance and Speed are improved.  Distances up to a mile can be achieved as well as diving skills.

Children withSpecial Needs
Where possible children with special needs will be integrated into main steam lessons. If this is not possible we will endeavour to accommodate these children on a one to one basis or at a session specifically designed for them.

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