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Fleet Tutors: Britain’s Leading Tutoring Service
Fleet Tutors provides a tailored tutoring service in your own home, school or office that is dedicated to helping people of all abilities, backgrounds and ages to realise their potential through the support of the highest quality one-to-one, small group and live-online tuition.
All academic subjects, levels and exams from primary and school entry exams though to GCSE, A-Level, university and professional.
Tuition sessions and courses are ideal for remedial, special needs and gifted tuition, supply teachers, peripatetic tutors, revision courses, homework and language clubs. Recognised and recommended by ‘The Good Schools Guide’ and national press including ‘The Telegraph’ and ‘The Times’ as well as parents, schools and local authorities throughout the UK, the results show that over 80 percent of clients exceeded their predicted scores by one or more grades in public exams. The tuition service is available throughout the UK.

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Fleet Tutors

Fleet Education Services Ltd., trading as Fleet Tutors, is a national supplementary education service company, specialising in the provision of tailored, one-to-one tutoring in academic subjects for school aged children and adults. Fleet Tutors serves two sectors primarily: private families who top up their children’s education after school and the public sector, where Feet Tutors offers a specialist provision of tutoring and education services for disadvantaged children whose families cannot afford a tutor.
Fleet Education Services was founded in 2003 with the aim of creating the first nationwide brand in private tuition and becoming the country’s first tutoring service provider. Fleet Tutors’ goals for the young people tutored, a set out in all communications are:
• to build confidence
• relieve anxiety
• improve performance
• realise success
The values imbued in these aims have spearheaded the change in the image of tutoring from one of hot-housing the children of the rich to becoming a fundamental part of the modern British education system where one in four young people, the majority of whom are in state schools, now have a private tutor (Institute of Education) As The Economist stated in an article featuring Fleet Tutors, private tuition has now become Britain’s “shadow education system.”
Fleet Tutors has achieved this in a number of ways. Initially, legitimising the provision of private tuition required establishing a professional service company to work on behalf of the client and student and do all that was possible to ensure that students achieved their academic goals. Fleet Tutors would not serve as a “referral agency” which existed to supply tutors with employment, the traditional business model, nor would it be an internet business, an online database advertising individual tutors. Instead, Fleet offered a highly selective approach to attracting, placing and most importantly monitoring tutors and results. Fleet Tutors has employed trained consultants whose role is to provide parents and clients with a personalised phone based service to discuss their requirements, expectations and in some cases concerns for and about their children. This “customer experience” was designed at every touch point to give parents and other clients the reassurance that they were doing the very best for their children to help them realise their potential.
Fleet Tutors was also the first company on a national level to establish tutoring as a professional educational service with rigorous vetting, quality control and lifecycle management. Previously this was an entirely unregulated arena where anyone could set themselves up as an independent tutor, even without any qualifications or CRB checks. Fleet has also achieved this by providing a supportive community for tutors through networking events, regular training and awards. In this way, Fleet Tutors provides its tutors with a sense of community and belonging to an established and trustworthy company while at the same time allowing them the flexibility of the life of the freelance professional. As a result of this approach, Fleet Tutors has found that engaged and supported tutors have lead to satisfied clients.

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