martial arts and self defence

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Martial Arts

21st Century Tai Chi Club, Bromley, all ages

Aquila Taekwondo, Mon 6-7pm, St John's Church, 251 Eden Park Avenue

Beckenham Shotokan Karate Club, 7 yrs +

Biggin Hill Judo Club, 5 yrs+

Bromley Martial Arts Academy

Bromley Martial Arts Academy, Free trial lesson

Chinese Kickboxing, self defence, Chislehurst, 11 yrs+

Choikwang-Do, Orpington, fitness & self defence classes 10yrs+

Eltham Choi Kwang Do, all ages and fitness levels welcome

English International all Styles Tae Kwondo

Fortitude Academy, Biggin Hill & Westerham, 3 yrs to adults

Green Dragon Judo Club, Darrick Wood Sports Centre

International Academy of WingChun, Bromley Pavilion

Jujitsu, self defence for juniors

Julian Hitch Martial Art Schools of Excellence, Bromley

Knights Karate Club, Bromley, 5 yrs+

Martial Arts (Little Dragons ) Juniors classes!!!! Wing Tsun

Martial Arts Bromley

Northbrook Judo Club, Bromley, 5 to 16 yrs

Orpington Choi Kwang Do, self defence techniques, all ages

Orpington Choikwangdo, martial art

Phoenix School Of Martial Arts, Beckenham

Shaolin Culture, Shaolin Kung-Fu & Tai-Chi

Shodokan Aikido, children & adults, Bromley Pavilion

Shohei Ryu Karate Club, 14 yrs+

Shotokan Karate, all areas, 5 yrs+

Taekwondo, Studio 74, Bickley, 3 yrs to adult

The Walnuts Leisure Centre, Judo, Orpington

Wu Tai Chi Club, Bromley, all ages