Daisy’s Story

Daisy’s Story

الرميزان للذهب جدة سعر الجنيه السعودي Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust gives young people in recovery from cancer the chance to rebuild their confidence through sailing. They help hundreds of families like Daisy and the Skepelhorn’s each year.

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ما معنى الخيارات الثنائية We want to share the story of the Trust, reaching out to all of our supporters to make sure as many people as possible know how they can help young people in recovery from cancer.

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اسهم ام القرى اليوم If you would like to get involved simply share this video on social media or embed in your website to help us ensure young people in recovery from cancer all over the country get the chance to get out on the water and experience the fantastic work of the Trust.

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