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You’ll find us attached to Guillemont Junior School on Sandy Lane, so next time you’re passing pop in and say hello.

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Welcome to The Orchard Children’s Nursery, Farnborough
If we could bottle one thing, it would be the sound of children laughing. It happens a lot here, all the time in fact because having fun whilst nurturing well-balanced, healthy and happy children is at the heart of what we do. To us, having fun inspires the imagination, encourages development and builds confidence. From paint covered faces, whizzing down the outdoor slides, to role play and a simple game of peek-a-boo, we have more fun than you can shake a stick at.

We like to get our hands dirty too. Rummaging in leaves, painting, sticking and making space robots out of Mummy’s (many) shoe boxes; we know they get our clothes a bit messy, but we like it. Although we are yet to win any awards for our artwork, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

With endless curiosity, we know our youngsters love to learn about their little worlds. How to draw, read, touch or even take their first steps or say their first words, their world is such an adventure. Our room is set out to cater for all ages, from a quiet reading area to stimulate the mind, creative play to inspire artists and plenty of opportunities for cooking and baking (you never know, we might find the next celebrity chef). We enjoy going for adventures in the woods, feeding the ducks, jumping in muddy puddles and searching for the Gruffalo who we are still yet to find.

That’s not all because we’re next to a big school, we get an insight into the world of big people. Happily, joined up writing, long division and quantum physics are years away. However, we still get to use all of the other fun stuff, from running around in the gym (we don’t understand why grown up’s make such a fuss about it, we have a great time), to joining the big children for celebrations and special events. The nice chef even cooks us yummy hot meals every day.

Welcome to The Orchard Children’s Nursery. We’re the new kids on the block in the area and offer passionate, stimulating and fun – most importantly fun – childcare for your little ones from 6 months to 5 years. We’re a small, yet perfectly formed setting, with room for 14 children. We opened in September 2010 and aim to offer the very best provision for you as parents, your children and of course the staff that keep the place so bright and bubbly.

You’ll find us attached to Guillemont Junior School on Sandy Lane, so next time you’re passing pop in and say hello.

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01252 666875

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